4 Best Dump Cart For Lawn Tractor

Gardening or even housework generally involves moving garden waste to the compost pile or bringing in a load of firewood. And most times, using wheelbarrows to move items is time-consuming and risky.

It is good to invest in a dump cart for lawn tractor hauling to help you save time and make your gardening experience pleasant and safe. A dump cart for lawn tractor can be an excellent complement to your collection of gardening tools.

I researched the toughest and best dump cart for lawn tractors, and here is a list of what I found. Read on to find more about basic considerations when shopping for the perfect dump cart for lawn tractors. 

My Top Pick:

My top pick is the Agri-Fab dump cart for a tractor, as it offers the highest value for money, especially if you are looking for a long-lasting dump cart for a tractor for daily chores, like hauling mulch, firewood, or garden debris. 

What Is A Dump Cart For Lawn Tractor?

A garden dump cart is similar to a wheelbarrow; however, it can be pulled behind a riding lawnmower or manually pushed or towed by hand.

In general, dump carts are better options than wagons and wheelbarrows, as they work well and make daily farm or housework incredibly easy and more manageable. 

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What Are The Different Types of Dump Carts for Lawn Tractors? 

Before choosing a specific cart, let’s explore the different dump carts for lawn tractors. They are typically categorized depending on the material, bed, and tub. 

1- Steel Tub Dump Cart

Steel tub dump carts are excellent if you are looking for affordable, durable, and less painful maneuvering. In general, steel tub dump carts come with a flat base and removable tailgate to efficiently help to dump bulk material.

The steel is solid; however, it might be susceptible to dents, bending under weighty loads, or rusting if the paint or powder layer gets damaged. In addition, steel dump carts usually weigh a little less than similar-size polymer or poly carts.

2- Poly Tub Dump Cart

Poly, sometimes called polyethylene, or tub dump carts, are the most popular carts, thanks to their durability, longevity, and combination of lightweight and strength

They come with beds made of high-impact polyethylene and made of material that is resistant to rust and cracking and easy to clean.

In addition, poly tub carts carry water, which can be handy, particularly when moving a load of potted plants or wet mulch across your property or yard

3- Polymer Dump Cart

Structural foam polymer dump carts are among the most durable carts because their high-strength, low-density polymer material makes them resistant to cracking, warping, compression, and even ultraviolet damage.

Polymer dump carts are waterproof like poly and plastic carts; however,  they are generally heavier. They are typically more expensive than the other dump carts for lawn tractors as they also carry heavier loads.

Polymer Dump Carts are perfect if you generally carry heavy loads of garden waste or equipment

4- Plastic Tub Dump Cart

Plastic tub dump carts are slightly similar to poly tub carts because they are both lightweight, easy to clean, waterproof, and sturdy. But the plastic material is less durable and susceptible to breaking or cracking over time, particularly after an extended duration in direct sunlight, which can cause the material to degrade gradually and slowly.

Plastic dump carts are a budget-friendly purchase, but they won’t last as long as some of the other types.

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What Should You Consider When Picking the Perfect Dump Cart For a Lawn Tractor? 

Now that you know the different types of dump carts for lawn tractors. Let’s explore the features and characteristics when choosing the best dump cart for a lawn tractor. 

Before settling on a cart, check out the following factors to determine if it suits your needs.

1- Maximum Load Weight And Capacity

The best way to determine how much a dump cart can haul is to check out the manufacturer’s specified maximum load weight and capacity.

The maximum load weight for most dump carts varies from less than 500 pounds to 1,500 pounds. Regardless of bed size, knowing the maximum load weight is best to avoid damaging your dump cart’s wheels, axles, and bed mounts. 

Ensure that your dump cart can carry at least carry up to 500 pounds and try to avoid anything that hauls less than 500 pounds.

2- Versatility

Versatility usually depends on the cart’s usage and the material it is made of. For instance, you can choose a waterproof dump cart if you generally transport or water potted plants. 

Ensure you double-check any additional features, including a trailer tongue which generally helps convert the cart into a garden wagon handle for comfortable manual operation, or removable side rails to transform the dump cart into a flatbed.

3- Dimensions and Weight

There are several things to consider regarding the dump cart’s dimensions and weight. Consider what you will be using the dump cart for, including the physical size, weight, and the dimensions of what it will carry.

Even if your dump cart can haul 1200 pounds, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it can physically fit 1 200 pounds of garden debris or potting soil. 

Also, consider how much weight your lawn tractor can pull. If you own a small tractor, avoid buying a big, heavy trailer that may be heavier

4- Release Mechanism

If you want a dump cart to make unloading more manageable, choose a cart with a better release mechanism. Most dump carts generally use a foot pedal release mechanism, where you firmly apply force to the foot pedal to release the mechanism and allow the cart to tip back

There are also dump carts with a hand lever, which performs the same as a foot lever but might require more power from you. I suggest you pick a dump cart with a foot pedal as it will be more convenient for you than a hand lever

5- Tires And Axle

The tire type generally impacts your overall cart mobility.

  • Larger tires move more quickly and efficiently than smaller ones.
  • Pneumatic tires soften the ride across uneven and bumpy terrain and improve traction.
  • And flat-free and other solid wheel kinds may be more manageable to haul on concrete and other flat surfaces.
  • Pneumatic tires provide a smoother, more stable ride over all surfaces. So choose pneumatic tires if your property is not exactly flat. 

Like with regular cars, the axle of a dump cart connects two opposite wheels, which impacts the mobility of your cart. The stronger your cart’s axles, the better

6- Tub Durability

Your dump cart’s tub (or cart’s bed) is where you store the items you haul. The type of material your bed is made of can significantly affect how long your dump cart lasts and the kinds of loads it can also support.

  • Choose a poly cart if you are looking for more lightweight, durable, and water-resistant. 
  • You can also choose a steel tub dump cart if you want a heavy-duty cart, durable and easier to unload as it comes with a removable tailgate

However, steel dump carts tend to deteriorate and rust once the pain layer is damaged or extended to harsh weather, including rain. 

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4 Best Dump Cart For Lawn Tractor

Now let’s explore the top and most reliable dump cart for lawn tractors:

1- Agri-Fab Dump Cart For Tractor 

Agri-Fab is a well-established company that offers sturdy and high-quality garden products. The Agri-Fab 45-0101 steel cart is perfect for daily chores, including hauling mulch, firewood, or garden and yard debris

In addition, the Agri-Fab dump cart for a tractor is easier to use and maintain and can last for an extended period. And it has a powder-coated steel bed

It also comes with 16-inch pneumatic tires that maneuver smoothly over rough ground. It comes with a single-lever foot-operated dump mechanism and a removable tailgate making unloading easy

Pros Cons 
– The Agri-Fab 45-0101 steel cart has a weight capacity of 750 pounds
– It is affordable
– It comes with a heavy-duty steel bucket
– It has a powder-coated steel bed
– It has pneumatic tires of 16-inch 
– A narrow body can fit through most walk-in gates
– It comes with 3 Year of Warranty
– Depending on your needs, the load capacity might not be enough. 
– You will need to assemble it before use. 
Table Displays Characteristics Of Agri-Fab Dump Cart For Tractor – plantsheaven.com

2- MotoAlliance  Dump Cart For Lawn Tractor

MotoAlliance Dump Cart For Lawn Tractor comes with heavy-duty construction that works perfectly with lawn tractors

The cart is made of a heavy-duty steel frame and an impact-resistant polyethylene tub that helps reduce weight. It also comes with a foot-activated quick-release latch and a tilt bed, making off-loading safer and more manageable.

Pros Cons 
– It has a large capacity and elevated ground clearance
– It comes with wide, large, deep-lug pneumatic tires
– It is affordably priced
– It might be too wide to pass through most walk-through entrances
– It does not empty when dumped
– The dump mechanism doesn’t properly swivel
Table Displays Characteristics Of MotoAlliance  Dump Cart For Lawn Tractor – plantsheaven.com

3- Craftsman Dump Cart For Lawn Tractor

Craftsman dump cart for lawn tractors is very versatile and easy to assemble. It also comes with an easy-to-remove tailgate.

The Craftsman steel dump cart for lawn tractors also has a corrosion-resistant, powder-coated steel bed and a removable tailgate for effortless loading and clean dumping. 

Due to its optimized dimensions, it is also easy to maneuver, store in a barn or garage, or park in the corner of the chicken coop. This Craftsman steel cart comes with durable construction, is suitable size for everyday use, and is affordably priced. 

Pros Cons 
– Perfectly sized to pass via most walk-through gates
– It is durable with a powder-coated steel frame and bed
– It has pneumatic tires with a strong metal core
– It comes with a comfortable tailgate
– Without proper maintenance, steel might be susceptible to dents and scratches.
Table Displays Characteristics Of Craftsman Dump Cart For Lawn Tractor – plantsheaven.com

4- Gorilla Carts Dump Cart For Lawn Tractor

Gorilla dump cart for lawn tractors is heavy-duty and can carry over 1,000 pounds of solid materials, including wood logs, rocks, garden debris, bricks, and metal rods.  

This dump cart for lawn tractors is resistant to dents, harsh temperatures, and other damages. The two-mode handle makes unloading and loading easy without requiring effort.

You can choose to push it forward or tow it behind without worrying about flipping it over or losing control, as the wheels make the cart quite maneuverable.

Pros Cons
– The Gorilla cart dump cart for lawn tractors easily converts from hand-pull to a tow-behind cart.
– It comes with sturdy and stable wheels preventing the cart from flipping over Big and deep enough to handle bulky equipment. 
– It has a one-year warranty 
– It might be challenging to reverse while pulling
Table Contains Characteristics Of Gorilla Carts Dump Cart For Lawn Tractor – plantsheaven.com

Final Thoughts 

Overall, a dump cart for lawn tractors is worth it because investing in sturdy, comfortable, and reliable will make daily house chores more enjoyable.  

Choose a dump cart for lawn tractors according to your specific needs; pick one with an extended warranty whenever possible.


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