5 Best Hose Reel Cart With Wheels (And how to pick yours!)

A garden hose is one of the most-used gardening tools, making it an essential gardening tool for any avid gardener. However, it can be challenging to manage, particularly with a longer hose and bigger gardens. 

A good garden hose reel cart can make using a garden hose effortless and enjoyable. More importantly, a hose reel cart will help you better store your hose in a convenient and organized way and keep your hose in the best condition for as long as possible.

I did in-depth research to find out the best hose reel cart with wheels, and here’s what I discovered. But if you are in a rush, here is my top pick to save you time.

My top pick:

MY Top Pick is the Liberty Garden 870-M1-2 Industrial 4-Wheel Garden Hose Reel Cart, which holds 300-Feet of a 5/8-Inch Hose, as it offers the highest value for money among all the best hose reel carts with wheels.

Read on to discover the best hose reel for your garden, what to look for when picking the perfect one, and the pros of hose reel carts with wheels.

5 Best Hose Reel Cart With Wheels
5 Best Hose Reel Cart With Wheels

What Is a Garden Hose Reel Cart?

A garden hose reel cart is generally a cylindrical spindle made of either metal, plastic, or fiberglass and used to store a hose. The most common types of garden hose reel carts are motor-driven, spring-driven, or hand crank.

A garden hose reel cart is typically a system designed to make hoses, cords, flexible tubing, and wire conveniently available for immediate and easy use. 

Essentially a hose reel cart with wheels makes it easier for you to use your garden hose anytime and anywhere by making it highly mobile.

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Benefits of Garden Hose Reel Cart

A good hose reel cart with wheels will make your garden hose more portable and extend its life. In addition, a garden hose reel cart with wheels offers the following benefits: 

  • Provides convenient storage.
  • Keeps your garden hose from twisting and kinking.
  • Protects the garden hose from being stepped or driven on.
  • Protect your garden hose from harsh weather conditions, including sun UV sun and hot weather, which quickly deteriorate hoses.
  • A good hose reel cart with wheels offers a more extensive area coverage. With a portable garden hose reel cart, you can reach all the remote corners of your garden.

Is a Garden Hose Reel Cart Worth It?

Overall, garden hose reel carts are worth buying, particularly if you have a bigger garden or yard. More importantly, a garden hose reel cart helps protects your plants and grass from a heavy hose, prevents unnecessary tripping, and keeps the garden hose from wear and tear

Additionally, garden hose reel carts can expand the life of a hose, which is more likely to be damaged when stored without proper care. 


How to Choose The Perfect Garden Hose Reel Cart? 

The followings are the most important factors to look for when choosing a garden hose reel cart.

1- Portability

There are generally two types of hose reels: portable and stationary. A mobile hose reel cart includes wheelable cart-style models and freestanding stakes that you can place virtually anywhere and move around as needed. Portable hose reel carts are perfect if, particularly, you have a bigger yard or garden. 

Portable hose reel carts are a popular option for bigger gardens and avid gardeners because they offer you the ability to carry a heavy garden hose across your garden or yard.

2- Capacity

One of the most important criteria to consider when investing in a garden hose reel cart is the capacity (the maximum hose length it can carry). The standard garden hose reel cart can keep standard-width hoses up to A 100-foot (30.48 meters) long

A 1200 inches (3048 cm) capacity may work if you have a small garden or yard that doesn’t require a longer hose. But if you have more extended gardens, lawns, or driveways, choose a hose reel that can house about 200 to 300 feet (60.96 to 91.44 cm).

If you already have a hose at home, choosing the correct hose-reel capacity is essential to ensure your hose will fit appropriately on the reel.

Remember that longer hoses are heavier and will need a sturdier reel.


Tips On Finding Out The Dimensions Of Your Hose:

  • If you are unsure how long your hose is, straighten it, and lay it out flat in a straight line.
  • And measure its distance from one end to the other to figure out its length.
  • Your hose size will be your hose reel’s capacity

3- Materials

  • Metal: Metal hose reels are durable, sturdier, and more robust. A metal garden reel cart will require regular maintenance, including wiping to avoid rust when exposed to the elements for long periods. Metal garden reel carts are an excellent way to enhance the look of your garden.
  • Plastic: Plastic hose reels are excellent for harsh weather conditions. They are also more lightweight, making them easy to carry around. If you are looking for a simple garden hose reel that can withstand the elements, pick a plastic hose reel.

Now that we understand the pros and cons of a hose reel cart with wheels and what to look for when choosing a hose reel cart with wheels, let’s discuss the best hose reel cart with wheels currently available on the market.

5 Best Hose Reel Cart With Wheels

The following are the top hose reel cart with wheels available on the market.

1- Liberty Garden 2 Wheel Hose Reel Cart

Liberty garden two-wheel hose reel cart is very sturdy, offers a large capacity reel, and is easy to use. More importantly, it is big enough to hold up to 300 feet (91.44 meters) of your hose. 

  • Good things about this
    • It is durable and prevents tipping. 
    • It is perfect for gardeners or landscapers with a big lawn or garden.
  • The few issues I found with this best hose reel cart with wheels are:
    • It doesn’t rotate 360 degrees.
    • It is a little expensive 

The table below contains the main characteristics of the Liberty Garden 2 Wheel Hose Reel Cart.

Hose lengthHolds up to 300 feet
Dimensions24 x 38.8 x 36.8 inches
WarrantyLimited lifetime warranty
Table Containing The Main Characteristics of The Liberty Garden 2 Wheel Hose Reel Cart – plantsheaven.com

2- Liberty Garden 4-Wheel Garden Hose Reel Cart

Another hose reel cart with wheels from Liberty Garden, but this one has four wheels. Both Liberty Garden hose reel carts are great if you want a sturdy and stylish hose reel cart that can handle regular daily harsh usage in landscaping and gardening

Liberty garden hose reel cart has four wheels and is made of a sturdy metal frame standing to ensure maximum durability and stability. Similar to the 2 wheels, this one carries up to 300 feet of 5/8 inch hose. 

Both Liberty Garden hose reel carts require you to apply a protective layer of clear paint every year to maintain the metallic elements from rusting.

Pros of Using Liberty Garden Hose Reel Cart:

  • Liberty Garden makes garden hose storage easy and stylish.
  • Their pneumatic tires allow this cart to roll effortlessly over rough ground, and the low center of gravity helps prevent tipping. 
  • Liberty Garden cart has a rugged, weather-resistant powder coat finish with brass or galvanized fixtures.

3- Aluminum Hose Reel Cart

If you are looking for a functional and stylish hose reel cart that is sturdier than plastic carts while still being unsusceptible to rust, go for this Aluminum Hose Reel cart.

It is not as sturdy as the Liberty Garden hose reel cart with wheels, but it will do the work. 

The Aluminum Hose Reel Cart is perfect, mainly if you are not a fan of maintaining gardening tools, including your hose reel cart with wheels. 

4- Suncast JSF175 175 ft Hosemobile Reel Cart Hose Caddy 

Suncast Reel cart hose is popular among gardeners and landscapers for its affordability and durability. 

It is ideal for those looking for a functional yet reliable hose cart to use in their garden or yard. It has a 175 ft (53.34 meters) hose capacity, perfect for your watering needs. 

Few good things about the Suncast Reel cart hose:

  • It is available in different styles to suit any space.
  • It comes fully assembled.

5- Liberty Garden 713 Revolution Multi-Directional Garden Hose Reel

First of all, you can Liberty Garden hose reel does not have wheels, it is actually mounted. It is an excellent alternative for beginners with a smaller garden or yard. 

Do you know the good news?

  • It comes fully assembled; you just need to attach the handle
  • It is functional and stylish. 
  • It carries up to 125-feet (38.1 meters) of 5/8-inch hose.

This Liberty Garden hose reel is also made of rugged steel and industrial strength powder-coated finish, making it a weather-resistant garden hose reel.

Wrapping Up 

When picking a garden hose reel, consider the length and diameter of the garden hose you plan to connect to ensure they are compatible. 

In addition, the size of your yard (or garden) will help you decide between portable and stationary. And more importantly, consider choosing a hose reel cart with wheels if you have a large yard.


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