How To Make Bug A Salt More Powerful: Here’s How

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How To Make Bug A Salt More Powerful
How To Make Bug A Salt More Powerful: Here’s How –

So you have just purchased a BUG-A-SALT gun, perfected the art of efficient, safe shooting, have swatted multiple bugs, and have purified your household of the bug menace that made itself at home… in yours. 

While we can’t make you a masterful gunslinger by snapping our fingers, we can help you improve your gun and its functionality. Here are a small handful of tricks to help you get rid of bugs quicker and better than before.

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Install a Laser Scope

It sounds a little extreme, but if you’re going for power and accuracy, this is step one in your plan. One of the most effective ways to improve the performance of your BUG-A-SALT is to aim more accurately. And one of the best ways to do so is the same as what can be done on other guns: install a scope, especially a laser one.

Laser scopes are frequently used in airsoft, paintball, and other gun-based activities. With bugs, however, they will have a more challenging time understanding the purpose of the light. Since this is the case, you can use this to your advantage and plan out your shot!

While you could certainly install a Picatinny rail to install the scope onto your BUG-A-SALT, the quickest and easiest way is to buy a BUG-BEAM. The BUG-BEAM is the official laser scope from BUG-A-SALT, so it is guaranteed to be the easiest to install and use. You can see it in action here.

Watch the video below to find out how to make Bug A Salt more powerful.

How To Make Bug A Salt More Powerful: Here’s How –

Purchase High-Performance Salt

Yes, there’s salt that’s more high-performing than others. Wild, right?! If your salt pellets are not performing as well from a distance, you may want to consider purchasing high-performance salt.

High-performance salt is going to salt with slightly larger than typical individual grains. This means that each grain, when shot, will have a more significant impact on bugs than standard pellets will.

Additionally, high-performance salt will have an anti-caking agent applied to it. As a result, grains of salt will not lump together as quickly, allowing you to shoot pellets of salt without the worry of any salt jamming your gun.

Finally, and this should be obvious, high-performance salt can be used for cooking. The larger grains, working together with the anti-caking agent, help bring out the flavor of any food you are cooking.

While high-performance salt brands can be purchased at grocery stores, the official BUG-A-SALT website sells a 26-ounce container. You can find it here.

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Occasionally Lubricate the Gun After Frequent Use

BUG-A-SALT guns are made out of high-quality plastic. Despite this, heavy use can cause the plastic to feel worn, especially in areas like the cocking mechanism.

The official support page for BUG-A-SALT has some suggestions. They suggest applying the vaseline, as it is generally the most effective lubricant when it comes to plastic. However, they note that WD 40 is an acceptable substitute, as well.

Keep in mind that you will not need to lubricate the gun very often. However, if it feels like your cocking mechanism is not moving as smoothly as it used to, you may want to try applying some lubricant.

Practice Shooting Small Targets

This advice is a little more unconventional than some of the other pieces of advice on this list. Despite this, practice absolutely makes perfect…and this is especially true when it comes to shooting bugs!

The best place to start is with a can or another small object outside. Practice shooting them at a distance and add extra space as you become accustomed to the spacing. 

Bugs frequently move, however, so you may want to practice with a moving target eventually. There are multiple methods, but using something like a remote control car might be a fun exercise to try. You can even make this a cooperative activity by having someone control the car while you try to shoot it!

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Mod Your Gun to Have a Stock

This option is a bit technical and doesn’t have an official solution from BUG-A-SALT, but those serious about accurately killing bugs may want to consider installing a stock onto the back of your BUG-A-SALT gun. 

While BUG-A-SALT guns tend to have minimal recoil, a stock will help you to stabilize your shot further and improve your mobility while aiming. Gun stocks come in different forms and can be folded into the side of the gun to make it more compact.

You can get an idea of how this might look from this video. Since this is a solution that requires going beyond conventional measures, we recommend checking out support forums and message boards to get advice and assistance before even attempting to modify your gun.

Consider Purchasing a More Powerful Gun, Like the SHRED-ER

If you have an older BUG-A-SALT gun, this will be the most direct method to improve the power of your gun. While this might seem like a shameless sales promotion, the SHRED-ER truly is a significant notch above the original models in terms of raw power.

The SHRED-ER is shaped like a Colt Single Action Army revolver…and is built like one, too. As a single-action gun, each pull of the trigger will make you feel like a cowboy in a classic western film.

The SHRED-ER uses specifically patented ammo to optimize the strength and output of each shot. Each piece of ammo shoots ten shots, which means it can hold more shots per round than most revolvers.

As far as power goes, the SHRED-ER uses CO2 canisters to control the gun, which allows it to quickly take down roaches, hornets, scorpions, and other larger pests. Simply put, this gun has more than enough power to kill anything that moves.

Finally, the BUG-BEAM is compatible with the gun, as well. So you can use it to enhance the accuracy of your gun further.

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Final Thoughts

BUG-A-SALT is a pretty fun way of eliminating those pesky little bugs from invading your personal space. But with more power and accuracy, you can even improve the effectiveness and entertainment value.


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