Bug Blaster Vs. Bug A Salt: Which Is Superior?

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Bug Blaster Vs Bug A Salt
Bug Blaster Vs Bug A Salt: Which Is Superior? – plantsheaven.com

If you are experiencing a bug problem and are trying to find a way to get rid of them, you may find it helpful to consider using a mechanism that quickly and efficiently kills the pests by spraying them with either water or something else. Bug Blaster Vs Bug A Salt which one should you choose?

Both the Bug Blaster and the Bug A Salt are efficient ways to deal with a bug problem. When we examine the pros and cons of each product, it becomes clear that both possess advantages and disadvantages in dealing with certain aspects of pest removal.

An important part of growing healthy plants involves having to ensure that nothing unhealthy comes into contact with them.  In the case of the Bug Blaster, it is a desirable choice because it is nothing more than a strong stream of water that eradicates the bugs. 

The Bug A Salt is also desirable because of the ability of the user to quickly kill bugs with an accurate aim while not spilling salt everywhere. Read on to learn more!

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Bug Blaster vs. Bug A Salt: Who Takes the Prize?

In order to figure out which of the two anti-bug instruments is superior, it is important to first understand how each function and what they are capable of.

As we will see, the main difference between the two is that the Bug Blaster shoots water to kill bugs, while the Bug A Salt uses salt to do the trick.

First, let’s take a look at what the Bug Blaster offers.

Bug Blaster

The Bug Blaster is, in the strictest sense, simply a wand attachment that can be fastened onto the end of most hoses in order to create a 360-degree stream of water.  

This stream, in turn, helps to deliver a force that can get under the leaves and stems of most plants, effectively driving out insects including bugs, flies, and other pests.

Bug Blaster can also help keep your plants clean and healthy because spider webs, sooty mold, dust, dirt, and old or unhealthy leaves can block photosynthesis.

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Advantages of the Bug Blaster:

Perhaps one of the most significant advantages that the bug blaster has is that since it only contains water, there is no need to worry about the possibility of any toxic chemicals coming into contact with the plant.  

This is especially important for those who are growing vegetables, fruits, and spices since it is simply a natural way of protecting the produce.

A second advantage of the Bug Blaster is the fact that it is a wand that comes pre-assembled and can be easily attached to the end of most water hoses. This makes it an ideal choice for both those with a lot of garden work to do and little time to deal with pests, or for anyone who is a beginner to gardening and does not want to deal with more complex forms of pest control.

Thirdly, since the Bug Blaster wand is narrow, the user will be able to insert it into small spaces where bugs are.

Lastly, due to their large size, you will not need to worry about beneficial insects (those that kill the pests) being caught in the crossfire.

Disadvantages of the Bug Blaster:

According to a review published in the newspaper The Oregonian, the Bug Blaster was not that much different in terms of its ability to spray bugs from plants than many standard nozzles that were cheaper. In fact, the reviewer stated that the only real difference was the Bug Blaster ended up soaking him.

Additionally, since the Bug Blaster is specifically designed to eradicate soft-bodied insects, you will likely need to look for another product if you are finding hard-bodied insects like beetles are eating your plants.

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Active Ingredient and pests controlled by Bug Blaster (1)

Active IngredientBug Blaster Model Insects controlled
Bifenthrin– Bug Blaster II
– Hi-Yield Bug Blaster
– Armyworms
– Cutworms
– Sod webworm
– Fire ants
– Billbugs
– Aphids
– Spider Mites
– Whiteflies
– Mealybugs
– And other soft-bodied – See label for the full list of insects
Esfenvalerate– Monterey Bug Blaster II– Aphids
– Armyworms
– Cucumber beetles (adults)
– Squash bug
– Squash vine borers
– Spider Mites
– Whiteflies
– Mealybugs
– And other soft-bodied – See label for the full list of insects
Bug Blaster Vs Bug A Salt: Which Is Superior? – plantsheaven.com

Bug A Salt

The Bug A Salt, which resembles a plastic shotgun with its pump-action, works by shooting table salt at pests. It can shoot about 80 shots before you need to reload it with more salt. It works within about a three-foot range to eradicate bugs and requires no batteries.

Bug A Salt was invented by a Southern California surfer named Lorenzo Maggiore and has since been sold to hundreds of thousands of people.

Advantages of the Bug A Salt:

A key advantage of the Bug A Salt is that it allows the user to aim directly at a bug or mosquito, without having to worry much about collateral damage if their aim is efficient.  

Furthermore, since water is not involved, the Bug A Salt is clearly preferable over the Bug Blaster and any chemical-spraying mechanism when it comes to dealing with pests in the house. These could include spiders, roaches, and moths, among other creatures.

Other perks of the Bug A Salt are that it can fire 70-80 shots before it needs to be reloaded, it is likely to kill a pest without splattering it, and has a generally accurate range of up to three feet.

Lastly, the Bug A Salt 3.0 currently enjoys a 4.6 out of 5 ratings through Amazon Customer Reviews.

If you are looking for an excellent and practical gift for Father’s Day that your dad will use all summer long, go for Bug A Salt. Also, it is non-toxic.

Disadvantages of the Bug a Salt:

The Bug A Salt is not likely to be entirely reliable when having to deal with pests that are difficult to see (for example, a group of insects that are causing damage in a thicket of plants).  In these cases, the ability to cover a larger area would go to the Bug Blaster.

In terms of pricing, the Bug A Salt is slightly more expensive than the Bug Blaster, with the former retailing in the $40-60 range while the latter is listed for as low as $24.95 on Amazon.

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Do Bug Salt Guns Work?

Generally, Bug A Salt guns work well as it successfully kills bugs and flies, and it is totally a safe human product.

You can use your Bug A Salt for:

  • Flies on windows
  • Spiders creeping around your ceiling
  • Bugs hiding in corners
  • And other sneaky pests

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Is The Bug-a-salt Worth it?

Bug-A-Salt is an excellent bug and insect eradicator. It is worth every penny, especially if you have flying insects you would like to successfully exterminate without harmful chemicals. 

List of Insects eradicated by Bug Salt 2.0 and 3.0

Insect Eradicated by Bug Salt 2.0 and 3.0
– Houseflies
– Mosquitoes
– Poisonous spiders 
– Small and medium-sized roaches 
– Moths
– Spotted lanternfly
– Slugs
– Horseflies
– Cabbage worms
– Stinks bugs
– Earwigs
– Spotted lanternfly
Bug Blaster Vs Bug A Salt: Which Is Superior? – plantsheaven.com


Having examined both products, it is fair to say that both have certain advantages and disadvantages when compared together.  

The Bug Blaster might be a better choice if you are dealing with a number of insects that are difficult to detect because they are hidden by groves of leaves. The strength and large range of the water spray will either kill them all outright or at least cause them to flee.

On the other hand, the Bug A Salt is an ideal tool for getting rid of insects inside the house, especially when there aren’t many of them and a few simple shots will do the trick. While it won’t have much effect on larger, hardier bugs like grasshoppers, it will take care of spiders and house flies just fine.

Ultimately, therefore, you might be better off owning both of them if you find there are pests on both the inside and outside of your house


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