Geodesic Dome Vs. Greenhouse: How do they differ, and their pros and cons?

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Geodesic Dome Vs. Greenhouse: How do they differ, and their pros and cons
Geodesic Dome Vs. Greenhouse: How do they differ, and what are their pros and cons –

I had been working endlessly in my greenhouse when my neighbor suggested I use a geodesic dome instead. I remained a little skeptical at first, but I took the leap of faith and have never looked back since. My gardening reached another level once I built a geodesic dome in my backyard. 

Gardeners are choosing geodesic domes over greenhouses because they offer incredible benefits. These include energy efficiency, affordable insulation, eco-friendly, and more. Even you can use this instead of a traditional greenhouse. 

Keep reading to learn more about geodesic domes and greenhouses. 

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Geodesic Dome Vs. Greenhouse

The traditional greenhouse has a rectangular shape that gives heat at midday when the sun is shining. However, the light input is not much in the evening and morning. On the other hand, a geodesic dome has a curved surface that allows for even light and heat throughout the entire day. 

Besides that, the shape of the geodesic dome is highly strong. The geometric pattern ensures strength and solidity to the traditional rectangle greenhouse design.

Here are some differences between the geodesic dome and greenhouse:

1- Wind Flow And Impact 

In a traditional greenhouse, the wind impacts a large surface area because it is flat. On the other hand, the wind flows around the geodesic shape of the greenhouse.

That is because the wind doesn’t have a flat surface it can push against. 

2- Insulation 

The geodesic dome retains energy and heats much better. The sunlight and heat are captured during the day and then released at night.

On the other hand, a greenhouse loses heat at night and gets cold. 

3- Time 

The traditional greenhouse will extend your growing season for two to three weeks in the fall or spring.

However, one of the great things about a geodesic dome is that it will help produce fresh flowers, vegetables, and flowers. 

The video below compares regular greenhouses and dome greenhouses.

8 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Geodesic Domes

We hope you understand the differences between a geodesic dome and a greenhouse. Here are the top advantages and disadvantages of geodesic domes. 

Advantages Of Geodesic Domes 

We will begin with the advantages:

1- Energy-Efficiency

One of the top advantages of a geodesic dome is that it is incredibly energy-efficient. The dome preserves energy and retains heat even at night. Because of this, you will not have to pay extra to keep the dome heated at night

The spherical surface is created to expose the entire dome to sunlight. It spreads the heat evenly so that light can be transmitted to the plants without an issue. This is true for the winter months too. 

2- Affordable 

Yes, a geodesic dome is much more affordable than a traditional greenhouse for farmers and gardeners. The building materials will suit your budget, and you will not have to spend a high budget in setting this up. If you like gardening but don’t know where to begin, the dome can be a good place to start. 

It will allow you to begin with an affordable budget, and you will learn how to grow things all year. As you do, you can allocate the rest of your budget to the maintenance of the dome. 

3- Efficient Insulation

The problem with a traditional greenhouse is that it can insulate well during the day but loses heat at night. Because of this, plants and vegetables can’t grow well. On the other hand, a geodesic dome offers incredible insulation to everything inside. 

The heat traps inside the dome, and it stays even at night. So, you will not have to fret about insulation with the geodesic dome. It will guarantee that you get the most worth out of your money

4- Eco-Friendly 

If you always think about the environment, you will be happy to know that a geodesic dome means a better planet and earth. The materials are sustainable, and they are also flexible. For example, you can opt for renewable and recyclable materials for your geodesic dome to ensure a minimal carbon footprint. 

It will also enable you to conserve more energy so that it is not wasted in the long run. As you add a geodesic dome, you will conserve energy and guarantee that you are not using any materials that will harm the earth. 

5- Portable 

Yes, a geodesic dome is highly portable. This means that you can assemble, disassemble, and move the dome to another place. You will not have to keep the dome in one place to use it all year round. 

There are many geodesic dome kits that will help you achieve this aim. You can read the instructions and learn how to create a geodesic dome in your backyard in no time. Once you do, it will offer you use for a long time. 

Disadvantages Of Geodesic Domes

Here are the top disadvantages of a geodesic dome:

6- Comes With A Learning Curve 

One of the top disadvantages of a geodesic dome is that it comes with a learning curve. You will have to learn how to assemble it and get to know how it works. Of course, it will take some time, but you will get used to it. 

Besides that, geodesic dome kits provide clear instructions on how to create the structure. It will help you out the first time you assemble it. After that, it will be easier to use the structure. 

7- Cost Depends On Material 

The cost of a geodesic dome can be expensive. However, it depends on the material you select. That is why you must consider this factor and decide on the material that will help you stay within your budget. 

If you use sustainable and eco-friendly materials, the cost will always be higher. Of course, they are worth it in the long run because such materials ensure that you are not creating any waste. So, you must keep this in mind before you decide to opt for a dome. 

8- Not Available Everywhere 

An important you must keep in mind is that the geodesic dome kits are not readily available everywhere. It also depends on your region and whether you can build one yourself. We recommend building the dome yourself if you have the knowledge and tools. 

However, if you want something readymade, you can opt for a kit. It will take some time to research and determine where you will get the geodesic dome. Once you do, you can begin setting it up and using it for your plants and vegetables. 

Are Geodesic Greenhouses Better?

Geodesic greenhouses are better than traditional greenhouses regarding sunlight utilization, insulation, and durability. Another advantage of a geodesic greenhouse is it requires less space while providing you with plenty of interior space for vertical gardening.

What to read next:

The video below discusses how geodesic greenhouse work.

Final Thoughts

Geodesic domes are relatively new in the greenhouse world but are becoming popular with time. Many people have understood that they are much better than a traditional greenhouse. That is because the dome will solve all the issues that a traditional greenhouse poses to a farmer. 

You can also get a geodesic dome to try out if it works better than your greenhouse. Once you do, you will understand why everyone is shifting to these domes for growing, living, and much more. Just be sure to select the right dome that is within your budget and suits your needs. 


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