How Many Seeds To Put In AeroGarden Pods? (This Many!)

AeroGarden is a well-known brand that offers plant kits and helps you grow new plants from seed pods. The best part is that it will make growing and gardening much more accessible to anyone.

Indeed, AeroGarden makes gardening effortless. You may be new to gardening or using AeroGarden supplies and may want to know how many seeds to put in AeroGarden pods?

In general, Aerogarden recommends planting around 3 seeds per pod for optimal success of germination rates. Ensure you double-check your seed packet for details on that particular plant. For large seeds, including squash, you will need to plant one seed; for tiny seeds, including kale, you will need to plant up to 5 seeds. 

Remember, seeds do not have 100% germination rates, meaning not every seed planted will grow. Overseeding cells, holes, or pots will increase your chance of success.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about growing plants from AeroGarden pods.

How Many Seeds To Put In AeroGarden Pods? (This Many!)
How Many Seeds To Put In AeroGarden Pods? (This Many!) –

How Many Seeds To Put In AeroGarden Pods?

AeroGarden brand suggests adding three seeds to every pod for the best germination rates. However, the actual figure depends mainly on your seed and plant size. For instance, two to three seeds are best for growing tomatoes using AeroGarden pods.

Meanwhile, you should add at least eight seeds per pod for growing chives. Typically, you will get a preseeded pod kit when you buy a new AeroGarden. You can reuse the item to grow more plants by adding your own seeds to the kit.

Here is a table to understand how many seeds to put in AeroGarden pods:

PlantNumber Of Seeds Per Pod
Table Displays The Number of Seeds Per Plants in AeroGarden Pods –

You only require one plant per pod for basil, oregano, and dill. However, it is essential to put more than one seed. This will increase the chances of germination.

Besides that, remember not all seeds sprout or germinate. There are also some plants you cannot grow in AeroGarden pods. These include garlic, ginger, turmeric, and carrot.

How Long Do Pods Last AeroGarden?

A new pod will last for two years if you store it properly. The seeds will also germinate within one year of kit purchase. AeroGarden guarantees this so that you can buy the item with high confidence.

Besides that, the company also replaces the pod for free if it does not sprout within 21 days. Flower varieties can also stay in the pod for three to four months. This mainly depends on the plant you are growing. 

Green vegetables such as lettuce can stay in the pod for at least two months. This is the average lifespan of these plants. Meanwhile, some species may last for three months or more.

The primary thing to remember is you can extend the life of your AeroGarden pods. Meeting the specific requirements will help you with this task.

How To Preserve Seeds In AeroGarden Pods?

Here are the top tips for preserving seeds when using an AeroGarden kit:

1- Store Properly

Storing the seeds in the correct environment is essential for improving their lifespan. You must keep them in a cool place with a dry atmosphere. The seeds should also not receive direct sunlight because it affects the dormant conditions.

Besides that, you should also ensure the location’s temperature does not fluctuate frequently. Because of these reasons, a refrigerator is a top place for storing seeds. You can keep the temperature at a specific value and avoid sunlight easily.

How To Properly Store Seeds?

  • Make sure your seeds are properly dried
  • Put your fresh seeds in an air-tight container, and let them air-dry for about a week before putting them in an air-tight container
  • Keep the seeds in a dry and cool area that is dry year-round. When ready to plant your seeds, 
  • Keep the seeds in their closed, air-tight container until they reach room temperature to prevent unwanted condensation.
  • To effectively preserve the seed pods it is better to keep them in a cool, dry spot with indirect sunlight exposure, where the temperature will not fluctuate considerably.
  • Generally, the refrigerator is the best place to store seeds. For example, if kept properly, tomato seeds can last for more than four years.

2- Avoid Freezer

Many people believe that seeds can withstand staying in the freezer because they can be kept in a refrigerator. However, that is not true. So you should avoid freezing your seeds to prevent the seeds from losing quality. If you keep them in the freezer, they may never germinate in a pod.

If a seed is not dried properly, freezing it will result in cell wall damage. So growing a plant will be relatively difficult. The worst part is you cannot know properly if the seed has dried correctly.

Typically, you should air-dry seeds for at least a week before placing them in an airtight container. Then, you can store the jar in a cool area with a dry atmosphere. This will keep the seeds safe throughout the year.

3- Understand Your Plant

The seed you will be planting matters a lot because every plant has a different lifespan. If you dry tomato seeds properly and store them correctly, they will last for at least four years.

So be sure to research your plant before storing it in any environment. Conditions may also be different for some seeds. This is why having sound knowledge is necessary. You may also seek help from a gardener for this purpose.

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Benefits Of Planting Seeds In AeroGarden Pods

Here are the top reasons to get AeroGarden kits for planting seeds in pods:

1- High Reliability

One of the greatest advantages of AeroGarden kits is that they are highly reliable for growing plants. You can rely on the germination rate and the fact the seeds will sprout. The company is well known for helping various gardeners grow plants with ease.

Besides that, they will also replace the kit if your seeds do not sprout, ensuring you get the best value for money. So you don’t have to worry about failed attempts and getting new kits.

2- Affordable Pricing

Another great thing about AeroGarden kits is that they are readily available on the market. You will also not have to break your bank to get the item. This is why you don’t have to worry about a tight budget. AeroGarden company offers affordable pricing for all the items.

You also don’t have to worry about wasting money because of the germination guarantee. Failed sprouting does not mean you will have to buy new seeds or kits

3- Replanting Options

The best part about AeroGarden seed pods is that you can easily replant seeds. After growing the first plant and transferring it to a pot, you can use the pods for new plants. You can get seeds from the market or order them online.

Adding them to the pods and meeting the growing requirements will help with replanting. This technique will allow you to save money and grow the same plant in high numbers without worrying about getting more pods and caps.

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Can You Grow Succulents With AeroGarden Pods?

Succulents grow well in the AeroGarden. You can plant seeds, a petal from a succulent, or even a full-grown succulent in your AeroGarden. If you are propagating your succulent from a clone, just cut a slit in the grow sponge, gently insert the leaf, and plant in your AeroGarden. After a few days, a new succulent will grow out of the base, and the leaf will fall away.

In addition, AeroGarden pods are suitable for various purposes, so you can grow multiple plants from them. Indeed, succulents thrive in the kits and will help you enjoy various species. You can use a petal to grow a specific plant or its seeds.

They have good germination rates and are suitable to fit the pods. You can also clone plants by cuttings. This is suitable if you don’t want to grow a new plant from scratch.

You can grow almost any plant in an AeroGarden pod; however, some plants are too big or do not do well in water.

For example, you can start growing tomatoes in an AeroGarden pod, but it is ultimately better to transplant your plants into your outdoor garden when they get larger. Spinach is one type of plant that doesn’t like to grow in water.

What Happens When You Grow Too Many Seeds Together?

Crowded plants not only prevent growth but also promote pests and disease. Additionally, crowded seedlings shade each other from the sun. As they grow bigger get, it will get complicated. Crowded root vegetables, such as beets, turnips, and radishes, will not develop useable roots if they are crowded.

I recommend you plant two or three per hole, depending on the germination rate and how tiny or large and fresh your seeds are.

When planting medium to large-sized seeds, ensure you make the holes slightly bigger, use two or three. But avoid exceeding three seeds per hole. To prevent disturbance of the seedling roots, trim off extras at the soil line, mainly if more than one germinates.

Don’t add more than one large seed per hole. Remember, seedlings also need good airflow around them to avoid damping off.

How Does The Number Of Seeds Affect Plant Growth?

Seed number affected the growth rate but not the growing period of fruit found a study from the Research Institute for Agrobiology and Soil Fertility in the Nederlands. The researchers studied the effects of seed number, development, fruit growth, and inhibition of seed germination by varying the pollen load on sweet pepper flowers (Capsicum annuum L.)

They concluded that seed number impacted the growth rate but not the growing period of fruit. The researchers found that the chance of fruit setting was positively related to seed number when seed numbers were low.

The large seeds have a little higher percentage of seeds germination than the medium-size seeds. Conversely, very tiny seeds have a significantly lower rate of germination, according to researchers from Langston University

Crowded plants discourage growth and promote pests and disease because crowded seedlings will not develop useable roots and block the sun from the sun.

Best seeds for AeroGarden

Plants generally grow around five times faster in an AeroGarden than they would if planted in a regular garden. But you need to know which plant to put in your AeroGarden.

For optimal results, start any of these plants indoors in an AeroGarden, then transfer them outdoors when it gets warmer.

Here are the best seeds for AeroGarden

List Of The Best Seeds For AeroGarden
– Brussel Sprouts
– Cabbage
– Cauliflower
– Onion
– Eggplant
– Okra
Table Shows a List Of The Best Seeds For AeroGarden –

Final Thoughts

This is all you need to know about adding seeds to AeroGarden pods. AeroGarden brand suggests adding three seeds to every pod for the best germination rates. However, the actual figure depends mainly on your seed and plant size. The average number is two to three seeds.

Besides that, the lifespan of the plants also varies. For instance, tomatoes may last 6 months to a year in AeroGarden pods.

The best part about AeroGarden kits is that they are highly reliable for growing plants. You can get seeds from the market or order them online for the best growth.


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