10 Garden Fence Security Ideas To Check Out!

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Garden Fence Security Ideas
10 Garden Fence Security Ideas To Check Out! – plantsheaven.com

Perhaps you’ve been having issues with animals disturbing your garden, or maybe someone broke into your backyard. Your garden fence should be as secure as possible to prevent further damage from occurring on your land.

However, you are unsure of ways to bring security to your garden fence. In this article, we will go over ten garden fence security ideas to check out. 

Keep reading to find out some things you can try to keep your garden a safe and secure space, including installing a security system, barbed wire, light motion sensors, and more.

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1- Install A Security System For Your Garden

Seeing a red light blinking often deters intruders from breaking into your home and garden. Install a security camera that overlooks your garden, or purchase multiple if you have a large garden so that you will see surveillance from different angles. 

Deciding to have a security system also means that your garden fence and plants should not be too high so you can accurately see what is happening around your garden. Make sure that you keep your fence and garden plants to about waist level. 

Another option, and the most over-the-top, is purchasing a security alarm that produces a loud, alerting noise if someone were to break into your garden. Solar sound alarms can be another way to deter an intruder from breaking in without needing to use much electricity.

2- Display Warning Signs On Your Garden Fence

Purchase a “No Trespassing” sign and place it on the front of your garden fence. Another option is to attach the sign to a stick and have it in front of the garden fence. Placing a warning sign can be a simple yet basic way to deter intruders from your garden, keeping it safe and secure. 

A trespassing, or any other warning sign, is a more affordable way to keep your garden fence secure. An example of a “No Trespassing” sign is Large No Trespassing Signs Private Property Metal

3- Plant Thorny Plants Around Your Garden Fence

Planting thorny plants both inside the garden and around the fence is a great way to fend off intruders. This will make an intruder think twice before wanting to burglarize your garden. Thorny plants, also dubbed “defensive plants,” can have a more scary look to them to throw off intruders, as well.

There are two aesthetics that you can go for when it comes to decorating your garden fence. Over the top and not so subtle, or aesthetically pleasing and toned down. 

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Best Defensive Plants For Your Garden Fence

Best Defensive Plants For Your Garden Fence
– Porcupine Tomato
– Prickly Pear
– Pyracantha
– Agave
– Barberry
– Barrel Cactus
– Blackthorn
– Blackberry
– Bougainvillea
– Hardy Orange
– Hawthorn
– Honey Locust
– Japanese Quince
– Mesquite
– Californian Fuchsia
– Chinese Jujube
– Cholla Cactus
– Common Holly
– Crown of Thorns
– Devil’s Walking Stick
– Giant Rhubarb
– Ocotillo
– Oregon Grape
10 Garden Fence Security Ideas To Check Out! – plantsheaven.com

4-Aesthetically Pleasing Thorny Plants For Your Garden

Some examples of thorny, aesthetically pleasing plants, include: 

Now that we’ve seen some plants that will look attractive in your garden let’s look at ones that will look scary enough for intruders to stay away from them.

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Garden Fence Security Ideas
10 Garden Fence Security Ideas To Check Out! – plantsheaven.com

5- Spooky Thorny Plants For Your Garden

And here are some examples of no so subtle thorny plants that you can have around your garden fence to scare away burglars: 

  • Crown of Thorns
  • Honey Locust 
  • Porcupine Tomato
  • Rose 

Now that you’ve seen different thorny plants you can plant in your garden to scare away any no-do-gooders let’s move on to the next garden fence security idea: Keeping your garden on a lower level.

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10 Garden Fence Security Ideas To Check Out! – plantsheaven.com

6- Keep Your Garden On a Lower Level

Keeping your garden fence, and garden plants, under one meter or three feet can prevent an intruder from having a place to hide when they are caught. They would not be able to hide under a bush, behind a fence, or behind a tree, if they were caught sneaking about.

This garden fence security idea would be extra effective when paired with the first suggestion, a security system because they wouldn’t be able to hide from the camera’s view. If worse comes to worst, you would be able to see the face of the person or what kind of animal had broken into your garden so you can take further action. 

7- Get a Guard Dog

One of the most popular solutions to securing your yard is to get a guard dog. This way, your dog will both serve as protection from intruders and animals as well as become your best friend.

You can keep a dog house in your garden so they will have a comfortable place to keep a watchful eye on your yard. You can also train them to attack tactics in case anyone were to ever break into your garden and try to fight back.

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10 Garden Fence Security Ideas To Check Out! – plantsheaven.com

8- Add Bright Lights to Your Garden

Adding bright lights around your garden is a way to ensure an intruder will think twice about wanting to burglarize your garden or an animal sneaking in to dig up your yard and eat your plants. They will ensure that, to the intruder, you are always home even when you’re not. 

Additionally, light is a known deterrent for animals like coyotes that scavenge for food like fruits or garbage, which might be found in your yard from your fruit-bearing plants or garbage cans, and luring them with their smell.

An example of lights to install for your garden is the Aootek Solar Lights Outdoor

9- Install a Stronger Fence Around Your Garden

Install a strong fence that is hard to break down. A weak, flimsy fence is an easy way for an intruder to break into your garden. You will know whether or not you have a strong fence from its heaviness of it and if it is hard to pull off from the ground. 

Here are a few examples of stronger fences you can install around your garden: 

  • Vinyl Fence 
  • Brick Wall Fence
  • Electric Fence
  • Chain Link Fence

When you are installing a fence, also consider purchasing a fence that has a lock on it. This is a way to prevent a potential intruder from having an easy time trying to break into your garden. 

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10- Attach Barbed Wire to Your Fence

Placing barbed wire over your fence is a definite way to deter a burglar from trying to break into your garden in fear of being cut up by their sharp points. 

Make sure that the barbed wire is over the top of the fence, as, depending on what fence you have, it can have a smooth top, and placing the barbed wire forces the intruders to think twice about what they are wanting to do. 

Based on where you live, you may have to check to see if it is okay to install barbed wire on your fence. 

11- Gravel The Path To Your Garden Fence

Gravel a path leading up to your garden fence. This is a great way to make it difficult for your intruder to hide their footsteps. Compared to other ways to secure your garden fence, this is a more low-key option. 

Intruders may not think twice about seeing a gravel path, but for you, it will be an easy way to detect if someone other than you has been walking through your garden. 

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12- Install Light Motion Sensors For Your Garden

Light motion sensors are built-in sensors where if someone walks near it, then the light will switch on. This is a good way to detect an intruder trying to burglarize your garden, so if they try to break into the garden fence, the bright lights will turn on, startling them. 

An example of motion sensor lights for your garden is Linking LED Solar Motion Sensor Landscape Spotlights


Now you know of ten different garden fence security ideas that you can check out and consider. You also know deciding to use one of these options would be beneficial to protect your garden and your home from unwanted guests like burglars and animals. 


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