6 Best Salts For a Bug-A-Salt For Improved Effectiveness of Your Gun!

Best Salts For a Bug-A-Salt For Improved Effectiveness of Your Gun
Best Salts For a Bug-A-Salt For Improved Effectiveness of Your Gun

Have you heard of Bug-A-Salt? It is an innovative gadget that allows you to rid your home of those pesky flies and other insects in a fun (and slightly nerdy) way.

The concept is simple: load salt into the gun’s chamber and aim. The salt pellets then shoot out and strike the insect, killing it instantly. However, not all salt works the same in the Bug-A-Salt. In fact, the type of salt you use can make all the difference in the effectiveness of the gun.

So, what’s the best salt for your Bug-A-Salt? Generally, any ordinary granulated table salt will be best for a Bug-A-Salt.

Read on to explore the best types of salt to use in your Bug A Salt gun.

What Is Bug-A-Salt?

A Bug A Salt gun is a fun and effective way to exterminate bugs and pests that get into your home. It uses regular table salt to shoot a spray of salt that kills bugs on contact.

And, if you are one of those people who are always looking for new ways to get rid of bugs in your home, then I encourage you to consider a Bug A Salt gun.

If you want to learn more about what is a Bug-A-Salt and it works, I wrote a whole article comparing a Bug Blaster and Bug-A Salt and showing which is superior.

6 Best Salts For a Bug-A-Salt

When it comes to the best salt for your Bug-A-Salt, there are a few options to consider. However, not all salt is created equal, and finding the right type of salt to use is essential.

Here are the best salts for a Bug-A-Salt:

1- Kosher Salt

A kosher salt is a popular option for cooking due to its larger crystals and unique flavor. It’s also a great choice for your Bug-A-Salt. The larger crystals give the salt pellets more weight and momentum, making them more effective at knocking down insects. Plus, kosher salt is usually more affordable than other options, making it a top pick for Bug-A-Salt users.

The coarse texture of Kosher salt ensures that it sprays out effectively from the gun and reaches the bug accurately. Also, generally, Kosher salt is free of additives, which makes it a safe and eco-friendly option.

2- Sea Salt

Sea salt is a type of salt that is harvested from the sea, typically through the process of evaporating seawater. Sea salt has a coarser texture than table salt, making it a good option for your Bug-A-Salt.

Additionally, sea salt can come in different varieties, including Hawaiian sea salt and French sea salt. I believe that these specialty salts can be a fun way to add some extra personality to your Bug-A-Salt.

It is essential to note that sea salt is typically coarse-grained and can easily be sprayed out of the gun. And generally, sea salts usually have the additional benefit of containing trace minerals, which can be beneficial to your health. Moreover, sea salt is known for its antibacterial properties, making it a healthier option.

3- Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is a magnesium-rich salt that has additional benefits other than being a great option for your Bug A Salt gun. The good news is that Epsom salt has been used for ages to relax sore muscles, de-stress, and detox.

Additionally, Epsom salt also has the added benefit of being non-toxic and harmless, which makes it a safe option to use around pets or kids.

Epsom salt is coarser than table salt, so it has more weight and momentum when fired from your gun. Additionally, Epsom salt is often made from magnesium sulfate, which has desiccant properties that can help to dry out and kill insects.

4- Rock Salt

Rock salt is a type of salt that is often used for de-icing roads and sidewalks in colder climates. Generally, it has larger crystals and a coarser texture, making it a great choice for your Bug-A-Salt.

However, it is important to note that rock salt can be more expensive than other options and might not be as readily available in grocery stores.

5- Himalayan Rock Salt

Himalayan rock salt is a popular natural salt option because of its unique pink color and excellent health benefits. Generally, it contains 84 trace minerals, including magnesium, calcium, and potassium, which can be beneficial for your health.

Himalayan rock salt is also coarse-grained and, therefore, perfect for use with your Bug A Salt gun.

6- Regular Table Salt

Table salt is the most common type of salt and is probably the one you have in your kitchen cupboard right now.

While table salt is a convenient option, it might not be the best choice for your Bug-A-Salt because it is a fine-grained salt that dissolves quickly in water.

When you use table salt in your Bug-A-Salt, typically, the pellets will not penetrate the insect’s exoskeleton as well, making it less effective. I also encourage you to ensure that the salt is not too fine or moist, or it will clog the gun.

Even though regular table salt is very cheap and readily available, when possible, I recommend avoiding table salt and opting for something with a coarser texture.

Wrapping Up

Bug A Salt guns are an effective and fun way to exterminate bugs and pests from your home. However, I believe choosing the right kind of salt is crucial in ensuring that the shots are accurate and effective.

While table salt might seem like the most convenient option, it’s not the most effective. Instead, I encourage you to try using kosher salt, sea salt, Epsom salt, or rock salt for the best results.

Each option has its own unique qualities and benefits, so it is worth experimenting to see which one you find more effective.


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