12 Pros And Cons Of Oasis Cubes

If you love the art of gardening, you probably know what hydroponics is. It is a technique that will enable you to do gardening without using soil. The excellent aspect about it is that you can do it in any climate you like, and it is one of the best ways to grow your plants indoors. 

More importantly, there are various growing mediums for hydroponics that you can choose from for your garden. Each medium will offer a unique set of advantages and disadvantages to help you decide. If you are thinking of using oasis cubes as an option, you are in the right place. 

Here is everything you must know about oasis cubes, including the pros and cons of oasis cubes.

Start with this complete guide about the 6 different types of hydroponics, and everything you need to know to get started.

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Pros And Cons Of Oasis Cubes
Pros And Cons Of Oasis Cubes

What Are Oasis Cubes?

Oasis cubes, also sometimes referred to as oasis foam cubes, are one of the most innovative hydroponic growing mediums that you can use for different farming options. These cubes are modular by design and usually made out of foam known as floral and phenolic foam. Such a foam is porous so that water and air can easily pass through

The good thing about oasis cubes is that they come with a planting tray at the bottom. Such a tray allows for simple seedling propagation, and each cube has an adjustable height setting. Because of this, you can accommodate various plants in this system as they grow. 

Remember that oasis cubes also have a default irrigation system. That is why it will be incredibly easy for you to maintain your crops. In addition, these are biodegradable and more environmentally friendly than any other hydroponic growing medium you might find

Primarily, gardeners use oasis cubes for fast germination of crops, including the below crops:

  • Lettuce 
  • Cole crops (cabbage, collards, and kale)
  • Eggplant seedlings.
  • Onions and alliums, herbs
  • Tomato 

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12 Pros And Cons Of Oasis Cubes

Many farmers and gardeners use oasis cubes. However, they might not be the ideal solution for everyone. That is why it is crucial to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this hydroponics growing medium.

It will give you a better glimpse into using them, and then you can properly decide if you want to use them for your garden or farm. Keep reading for the pros of oasis cubes:

Pros of Using Oasis Cubes

1- Lightweight Yet Strong 

The best qualities of oasis cubes are that they are lightweight yet strong. That is because they are manufactured from a compressed foam material that will not break apart easily if you handle it appropriately.

You can even machine wash them, but this might not be necessary because using them does not require much maintenance. 

On the other hand, it will also require less effort while cleaning up as compared to other hydroponics growing mediums. These include vermiculite, clay pellets, gravel, and more. 

2- Oasis Cubes Have a Neutral pH 

Oasis cube has a neutral pH, making it ideal for growing plants because it creates a more natural environment and helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and fungus.

If you need to adjust the pH level, you can use acid or alkaline substances, including baking powder.

3- Moisture And Nutrient-Retention 

Plants only grow their best when they can retain moisture and nutrients. The key is that you must help them in this retention while ensuring that the soil is not too dry or wet. When you make sure this happens, the roots will be porous enough. 

Such porosity allows for oxygen to get through while offering enough support for the plants. Oasis cubes will ensure such retention takes place so that your plants can grow and spread in optimal conditions

4- Oasis Cubes Are Inexpensive and Do Not Need Pre Soaking.

Oasis cubes are easy to use and have low maintenance requirements than other growing media. 

Moreover, when using oasis cubes, no pre-soaking is required before application. Oasis cubes are hydrophilic, meaning they can easily be dissolved in water

5- Oasis Cubes Helps With Plant Propagation 

One of the top ways you can propagate plants is by utilizing oasis cubes. If you don’t know what propagation is, then it is the process of creating new plants using various sources. These include cuttings, seeds, and divisions. 

Propagation is one of the most crucial components of plant cultivation. You can use this process to enhance the number of plants you have or cultivate new ones. Oasis cubes will help you propagate your plants in the best way possible. 

6- Oasis Cubes Have High Water Retention 

As the name suggests, oasis cubes are excellent at retaining water to help plants grow in hydroponic systems. They are also known as hydrophilic, which means that they can efficiently absorb lots of water. The water retention of the oasis cubes is at least thirty to forty times more than its weight

That is why if you want to help your plants retain water and ensure they grow well, then you can use oasis cubes. The porous material and design will help the plants to grow well without exerting too much extra effort. 

7- Versatility 

Also, using oasis cubes is one of the most versatile options for growing your plants. That is because you can adjust the height for the accommodation of different plants. You can grow various plants that have unique growing needs in one system. 

Remember that you can easily use these cubes to grow herbs, flowers, and vegetables. So, add this medium to your garden for the best results. 

Cons Of Using Oasis Cubes

These were some of the top pros of the oasis cubes. Here are some cons that will help you decide if they are a suitable option for your hydroponic system:

8- Using Oasis Cubes Can Be Expensive In The Long Run  

Cost can be your ultimate deciding factor when you select the right hydroponic growing medium for your plants. That is why not many people who have just started this hobby opt for oasis cubes.

Since oasis cubes have a short lifespan compared to other growing mediums, it is an expensive option, which is why you need to consider the cost before you decide to purchase them

9- Additional Solid Or Liquid Fertilizers 

While oasis cubes do hold nutrients well, they reportedly don’t hold it as well as other hydroponics growing mediums. That is because the material is compressed foam, which means the nutrients can seep through sometimes.

So, if you decide to opt for this growing medium, you will have to supplement your plants’ diet with some extra solid or liquid fertilizers

10- Oasis Cubes Are Not Suited For Plants That Require a Lot Of Nutrients.

If you have plants that need a lot of nutrients, oasis cube might not be a good choice for you. This is because their compact foam material doesn’t hold as many nutrients as other hydroponic growing media.

If you decide to use oasis cubes, you will probably need to provide your plants with supplemental liquid or solid fertilizers.

11- Oasis Cube Can Clog Your Hydroponics Pump Filters.

According to the Oklahoma State University, oasis cubes can break off and block pump filters

In addition, some gardeners experienced that oasis cubes can get compressed and lose their porosity over time, reducing the oxygen available to the roots.

12- Beyond Seed Germination And Propagation, Oasis Cube Is of Limited Value

Oasis cubes offer the best value when germinating or propagating your plants. Beyond seed germination and propagation, oasis cubes are of little value.

Final Words 

Oasis cubes can be excellent hydroponics growing medium, but you must understand how it works and what it offers before investing in them. This type of growing medium can be expensive, so you must consider if it is ideal for your plants.

This growing medium will not be suitable for all plants, herbs, vegetables, and more. So, go through the pros and cons of oasis cubes in detail to decide on healthy and optimal plant growth.


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If you love the art of gardening, you probably know what hydroponics is. It is a technique that will enable you to do gardening without using soil. The excellent aspect about it is that you can do it in any climate you like, and it is one of the best ways to grow your plants indoors.