How to Get Spiders Out of Strawberry Plants: Here’s how to do it!

How to Get Spiders Out of Strawberry Plants
How to Get Spiders Out of Strawberry Plants

Strawberries are among my favorite plants to grow because they are nutritious and a good source of vitamins and nutrients. But imagine finding creepy spiders crawling on your strawberry plants; wouldn’t you agree it can become a nightmare?

So, you might wonder how to get spiders out of strawberry plants? You can eliminate spiders from strawberry plants by handpicking the adults and dropping them in soapy water. Another method includes applying sticky tape to the soil around the strawberries or the inside edges of your planter or raised bed.

Keep reading to find effective tips on how to get the spiders out of your strawberry plants and keep your plants spider-free, clean, and healthy for longer. If you are also wondering whether ants are good or bad for strawberry plants, I wrote a whole article that I invite you to check out.

While spiders can be useful for your garden, they can pose a significant threat to your strawberries, leading to stunted growth, dried-up leaves, and even the death of your beloved plants.

1- Regularly Inspect And Clean Your Strawberry

The best way to deal with spider mites is to detect them early before they cause significant damage to the plant. Regularly check the leaves and undersides for any webbing or discolored areas, and deal with them immediately once detected. I encourage you to keep a close eye on any webs that appear and remove them immediately.

I believe that taking early action can make a significant difference and even save your strawberries from complete infestation. According to Oregon State University experts, dry, dusty conditions favor spider mite infestations, meaning regularly maintaining your garden is essential to get spiders out of strawberry plants.

I also suggest you clean up any old leaves, twigs, and any other debris that might be lying around, as these are usually perfect spots for spiders to hide. You can also use a mild soap solution or insecticidal soap to cleanse your plants and prevent further infestations. If you’re unsure which product to use, go to a local nursery or garden and ask the experts for advice.

By regularly inspecting and cleaning your strawberry, you will also decrease the number of insects feeding on your strawberries, which can start to attract spiders in the first place.

2- Regular Pruning

One of the easiest and most effective ways to keep spider mites out of your strawberries is through regular pruning.

Generally, spider mites look for hiding spots in dense, overgrown foliage, but well-spaced strawberry plants make it less likely for them to take hold.

I suggest you keep an eye out for yellow or dried-out leaves and trim them as soon as possible before they cause more damage to the plant. Beginning early in the season, inspect the undersides of leaves of 50 randomly chosen plants for Spider mites (Source: The Pennsylvania State University)

3- Introduce Natural Predators

Another natural way to deal with spider mites in strawberry plants is by introducing their natural predators, such as ladybugs or lacewings, because they feed on spider mites.

Typically, by introducing natural predators, you can improve the overall health of your strawberries.

4- Use Natural Repellents

Another effective way to repel spiders without causing any harm to your strawberry plants is to use natural repellents. Spiders do not like the scent of certain plants, so adding some of these around your strawberry patch will make it less appealing for spiders to live.

Mint, lavender, and eucalyptus are perfect plants to plant around; not only do they work as spider repellents, but they also keep other pests away from your strawberries.

Another way to keep spiders away is by adding citrus peels to your garden; the scent helps to keep these unwelcome creatures from taking up residence in your patch.

5- Water Consistently And Regularly

Spider mites thrive in dry and dusty conditions, making a well-watered strawberry plant less attractive to them.

I encourage you to water your strawberry plants regularly and deeply to keep the soil consistently moist. The good news is that rain and cool temperatures tend to help get rid of mite populations (Source: Oregon State University)

Mulching can also help retain moisture, which aids in keeping your plants healthy and hydrated, spurring growth.

How to Get Spiders Out of Strawberry Plants

6- Make Traps

Most gardeners find that traps are effective ways to remove spiders from your strawberry patch. I suggest you place a few sticky traps or glue boards around the garden, and the spiders will get trapped on them as they pass by.

Be sure to replace them every two to three days, as pests and insects tend to get stuck to them as well. Also, remember that spiders help to control the insect population in your garden, so if you have a lot of them, it means that your garden is healthy.

7- Use Insecticidal Soap

If all else fails, and you need to get rid of the spiders in your strawberry patch, then use an insecticidal soap. There are many organic commercial insecticidal soaps available on the market that controls pests safely.

I recommend you follow the instructions provided on the bottle and spray it on the plants regularly, especially on the undersides of the leaves.

Spraying water, insecticidal oils, or soaps is among the most effective ways to get spiders out of strawberry plants (Source: University of California)

Generally, insecticidal soaps work by dehydrating the spiders, and they will eventually fall off the plant. Be sure not to overdo it, as any chemical substance can harm your strawberries.

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Wrapping Up

I believe that keeping spiders out of your strawberry plants is an essential aspect of maintaining their health and producing a bountiful harvest.

By following the above steps on how to get the spiders out of your strawberry plants, you ensure that your plants remain green, healthy and continue to bear fruit throughout the growing season.

Remember to monitor your plants regularly, introduce natural predators, clean and, disinfect and prune your plants before any significant damage is done.

With some dedication and care, you can keep the spiders out of your strawberry plants and indulge in juicy, ripe strawberries all summer long.


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