How To Get Rid Of Golden Rain Tree Bugs: A Complete Guide

How To Get Rid Of Golden Rain Tree Bugs
How To Get Rid Of Golden Rain Tree Bugs: A Complete Guide –

Golden raintree bugs are also known as jadera bugs or red-shoulder bugs. These pests do not pose any danger to any people who come into contact with them. However, these bugs can be a nuisance, and there are numerous ways to rid your yard or property of them.

If golden raintree bugs are pestering you, you can take the following steps to remove the pests:

  • Remove the seeds
  • Remove the trees
  • Use a hose
  • Use soapy water
  • Use Pesticides
  • Use a vacuum
  • Use weatherstripping
  • Call a Professional
  • Wait them out
  • Use your hands
  • Be consistent
  • Do not crush

If the red-shoulder bug is plaguing your property, keep reading to learn in detail how to remove these harmless yet irksome insects.

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1- Remove the Seeds

One of the easiest ways to get golden rain tree bugs to vacate your lawn is to remove the seeds that the insects eat. 

For the most part, jadera bugs eat the seeds of golden rain trees and chinaberry trees. Raking your yard for these seeds and removing them regularly will cause the bugs to search for food elsewhere.

If you do not have either a golden rain tree or a chinaberry tree in your yard, but you still have a jadera bug problem, investigate the areas where the insects congregate. 

These bugs nearly always only eat seeds, so once you discover the food source they are eating, rake it up and remove it from your lawn.

One drawback to this method of getting rid of red-shoulder bugs is that it has to be done often and diligently. If you are not consistently removing the seeds from your lawn, the insects will return.

Change Your Ground Cover

If you find removing the seeds of your golden rain tree or your chinaberry tree difficult, it may be due to the type of grass or ground cover you have.

Depending on the kind you have in your lawn, the seeds may stick to the blades of grass or easily fall below. This makes it harder to rake up the seeds.

If this is the case for you, you can change out your ground cover for an alternative. One suggestion is to use mulch below and around your chinaberry and golden rain trees. The seeds of the trees tend to stay on top of the mulch and are easier to rake up. 

Prior to exchanging your grass or ground cover, make sure to do research for your area and climate to ensure you choose something that will thrive in your environment. You can also go to your local garden shop and ask an expert for their advice.

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2- Remove the Trees

At times the infestation of golden raintree bugs is so extreme that removing the seeds is not enough. In this case, removing the source of the seeds–the tree or trees–is required.

Once you remove the trees, the jadera insects should move on to other locations relatively quickly because they will otherwise starve.

Removing the trees is also a good idea if the golden raintree bugs have started chewing on the trees’ leaves and stems. Though this is rare, it does occur and completely removing the trees from the location is the best course of action when it does.

A lot of people do not like to remove their golden rain or chinaberry trees because they are beautiful trees that add beauty to their yards. If this is the case for you, alternative methods of removing golden raintree bugs are described in detail below.

Research Alternatives

If you choose to remove the trees attracting red-shoulder bugs to your home, you will most likely want to replace those trees with something else. 

Whatever you choose, make sure to fully research the plant or tree, including any pests it may attract, before planting it. This will help to prevent the reinfestation of golden rain tree bugs or other pests in your yard.

If you are unsure of what alternative tree or plant you should put in your yard, a great suggestion is to visit your local garden shop and ask an expert. 

They can tell you what plant will work best in your environment, including the amount of sunlight and other factors. They will also be able to tell you if the plant or tree you are considering attracts any insects like jadera bugs.

When choosing an alternative plant or tree, another suggestion is to pay attention to where it is located in your garden shop. 

For instance, if it is in the shade, you should put it in a shady area in your yard. And if it is in a sunny area, make sure to put it in a sunny area in your yard and so forth.

3- Use a Hose

If there are a lot of golden raintree bugs in one location, you can actually use a stream of water from a hose or other water source to disperse the insects.

Though using a hose does not guarantee that all the bugs will be drowned, it is often quite an effective method to quickly break up large congregations of insects.

Some people take this method a step further by using a pressure cleaner to remove red-shoulder bugs. Because the stream is stronger than a regular garden hose, it is a bit more effective in killing insects.

This method for removing jadera bugs is especially helpful when the insects have congregated on a wall or other hard surface, which tends to happen when a golden rain tree or chinaberry tree branch hangs over a wall, and seeds fall against the surface.

Because the bugs are on a solid surface, the stream of water can easily be used to remove every single insect from the area.

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How To Get Rid Of Golden Rain Tree Bugs
How To Get Rid Of Golden Rain Tree Bugs: A Complete Guide –

A Temporary Fix

Because this method does not necessarily kill all the bugs but rather disperses them, it is usually seen as a temporary fix to getting rid of golden raintree bugs. However, If you consistently use your hose or pressure cleaner to remove the insects, it can permanently remove jadera bugs. 

If you are not able to be consistent with this procedure, the bugs will simply return. If this is the case for you, choose an alternative way to get rid of your bug problem.

4- Use Soapy Water

Another method for getting rid of golden raintree bugs is to create a mixture of dish soap and water. Place this mixture in a spray bottle and then spray the insects with it.

The soap is poisonous to the bugs. The soapy water also reduces the surface tension on the surfaces on which it is sprayed, which means if future insects try to walk on or grab onto that same area, they will not be able to get a grip.

Soapy water is an excellent way to get rid of current jadera bugs and prevent future infestations of them as well. You can also place dish soap in the soap dispenser of your pressure cleaner and pressure clean your red-shoulder bugs away. 

Make sure to use the lowest setting of your equipment, so you do not damage the trees and other plants in your yard.

A Little Goes a Long Way

When adding soap to your water, only use a few drops. If you add too much soap to your mixture, you will cause soap bubbles to accumulate in your spray bottle. This, in turn, will cause your spray bottle not to spray as well, if at all.

Golden raintree bugs are extremely susceptible to soap, so you do not have to use it much for it to be poisonous to the insects. In addition, just a small amount of soap is necessary to change the surface tension of the mixture.

However, if you notice the red-shoulder bugs not reacting differently when spraying them with your mixture, you may need to add a few more drops to the solution. So, when adding soap to your mixture to kill and remove jadera bugs, start with a few drops and add more a little at a time as needed.

Harmless to Plants and Trees

An added benefit to using soapy water to get rid of red-shoulder bugs is that it is completely harmless to your plants and trees. Garden stores even sell a pre-made version of soapy water called “insecticidal soap.”

However, most experts recommend making your own soapy water mixture when using it to remove jadera bugs because the pre-made insecticidal soaps tend to be less potent and effective.

5- Use Pesticides

Yet another method for removing jadera bugs is using a chemical pesticide. There are various pesticides available on the market. 

One such one is Prothor. Prothor can be applied to grass and trees. It will kill all golden raintree bugs in the area and will continue to protect the area it is applied to for an additional three to six months. Prothor has no smell, is safe for use near people and pets, and is not difficult to apply. 

To use, add the Prothor to a hose-end sprayer, fill the sprayer bottle to the five-gallon heavy-duty line, and then connect your garden hose. Finally, spray the affected areas with the mixture.

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How To Get Rid Of Golden Rain Tree Bugs
How To Get Rid Of Golden Rain Tree Bugs: A Complete Guide –

Other Effective Chemicals

Pesticides containing the chemical pyrethroid are also quite effective in handling red-shoulder bugs. This chemical is also known as deltamethrin, bifenthrin, or cyfluthrin. 

Common brand names that include this chemical are Tempo, Deltagard, Discus,  and Talstar. Other effective insecticides are those that include the chemical acephate or acetamiprid. Examples of these are Orthene and TriStar.

Last Resort

Many people argue that pesticides should only be used in the most extreme cases when it comes to handling an infestation of jadera bugs

Because these insects are not harmful to humans, a lot of people believe that the possible side effects of chemical pesticides far outweigh the benefits of using the poisons.

However, the choice is yours. If you find your golden rain tree bug problem too difficult to handle with alternative methods, there are numerous low-risk pesticides on the market from which to choose.

Read the Labels

Whatever insecticide you choose to use, make sure to take the time to read the label completely. Each pesticide for golden rain tree bugs has different instructions, including whether you need to mix the chemical with water or not and how the poison is supposed to be applied.

Some pesticides even describe the type of weather that is best to ensure the insecticide is most effective.

The label will also tell you whether the pesticide is dangerous to small children and household pets. Make sure to follow all instructions carefully when using an insecticide to get rid of jadera bugs.

6- Use a Vacuum

Another way to get rid of golden raintree bugs is to use your household vacuum. This is especially true for areas with many insects collected together

The small pests can be sucked up using your vacuum cleaner’s hose and then disposed of in an outside trash can. The best type of vacuum to use when doing this is one that uses disposable bags, which means you will be able to easily throw out the bag full of insects when you are done.

If your vacuum cleaner does not use bags, take the entire vacuum outside when you are ready to empty it. Next, dump the canister into a garbage bag. Then tie the bag securely and dispose of it.

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How To Get Rid Of Golden Rain Tree Bugs
How To Get Rid Of Golden Rain Tree Bugs: A Complete Guide –

Use a Shop Vac

Another suggestion for using a vacuum when getting rid of jadera bugs is to use a shop vac. Prior to vacuuming up any insects, line the vacuum container with a heavy-duty trash bag and place a small layer of water in it with a little dish soap. 

When you vacuum the bugs, they will hit the water. The dish soap will make it more difficult for the bugs to get out of the water and will also poison them. Doing this will guarantee that most of the bugs will drown or be killed by the soap.

Once you are ready to empty the shop vac, roll it outside, open it, and then quickly tie the trash bag into a tight knot. You can then dispose of the trash bag in your regular trash can.

Use Caution

When vacuuming up red-shoulder bugs, do so slowly and gently. Try not to smush any of the insects with the hose because doing so will leave a red stain that may be difficult to remove

When golden rain tree bugs have gathered on your curtains or other cloth material, try to knock the insects off gently and vacuum them up from the floor. This procedure will help prevent stains on your soft surfaces when you get rid of the jadera bugs.

7- Use Weatherstripping

One problem that a lot of people have when it comes to golden raintree bugs is the insects getting into their homes. Though red-shoulder insects do not actively try to enter homes and other dwellings, they are occasionally found inside.

These bugs are small and can easily enter through minuscule places, such as cracks beneath doors and windows.

The most effective way to prevent jadera bugs from accumulating in your home is to keep the insects out from the start. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use weatherstripping around all your doors and windows.

Use caulking to fill the gaps in areas that will not allow a piece of weatherstripping. Weatherstripping and caulking will also have the added benefit of lowering your home heating and/or cooling costs.

8- Call a Professional

Another method for getting rid of red-shoulder bugs is to call a professional exterminator. Many people may see this option as a “last straw” choice–they have tried other methods to no avail and now need a professional.

Though calling an exterminator is the most expensive option for dealing with jadera bugs, it is one of the most effective. 

Many exterminators even include a guarantee when they treat your yard, so if the bugs return within a certain time limit, the exterminators will re-treat your lawn at no extra expense.

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How To Get Rid Of Golden Rain Tree Bugs
How To Get Rid Of Golden Rain Tree Bugs: A Complete Guide –

Check Reviews

When choosing a professional exterminator to deal with your golden rain tree bug problem, do not simply go with the first one listed on a Google search. Instead, make sure to check reviews and ask your neighbors for recommendations.

Because you will be inviting this person into your home and/or yard, you want to make sure that they come from a reputable company. You also want to make sure that they are licensed and insured.

Finally, make sure to find out which type of insecticide the exterminator will use on your property and if there are any precautions you need to take. This is especially true if you have young children or pets in your home.

9- Wait Them Out

Another effective way to get rid of golden raintree bugs is to wait for the insects to be out. Like all bugs, jadera insects follow patterns and seasons. 

These insects will only be at their greatest numbers a few weeks out of the year. They are most active from spring to fall, which is when most golden rain and chinaberry trees drop their seeds.

Waiting out red-shoulder bugs will mean you have to deal with seeing the bugs for a few weeks out of the year. If they bother you, try to spend more time indoors during these few weeks.

Remember, They Are Not Dangerous

Waiting out jadera bugs may seem impossible to some. This is because the large masses of insects can be quite off-putting.

One of the easiest ways to handle being disgusted by these insects is to remember that they are not dangerous to you in any way. Golden raintree bugs are not poisonous, and they do not attack humans.

Moreover, these insects are not even dangerous to your plants or trees for the most part because they eat the seeds of the plant or tree and not the plant or tree itself.

Reminding yourself that these pesky bugs are not harmful but only a nuisance may help you find the strength of will to wait out the jadera bug season. 

And, if you find you can not wait for the bugs to leave, you can always use one of the other methods listed here to get rid of golden raintree bugs.

10- Use Your Hands

For less squeamish people, it is also possible to remove golden raintree bugs by hand. Grab a plastic shopping bag and go out to where the jadera insects are.

Carefully pick up each insect with your fingers and toss the bugs into your shopping bag. Once you are done, tie up the shopping bag and throw it out. 

You can also relocate the bugs to another area if you do not want to kill them. However, this is not recommended because golden raintree bugs will usually migrate back to where they are found.

If you choose to get rid of red-shoulder bugs by hand, be sure to use a gentle touch and try not to squish the bugs, which will leave you with red stains on your fingers that are rather difficult to remove.

Another suggestion is to wear disposable gloves when removing jadera bugs by hand, which will protect your hands from stains. In addition, make sure to wear clothing that you do not mind getting stained or dirty when performing this task.

Removing golden raintree bugs by hand is a tedious but effective way to rid your garden of these pests. However, you will have to do this fairly regularly during the season for these bugs.

Be sure to set a reminder on your phone or calendar to ensure you remove these insects in a timely manner, which will, in turn, prevent the bugs from returning in large numbers.

11- Be Consistent

Whatever method you choose to remove the golden raintree bugs from your property, consistency is the key to effectively maintaining these insects.

Because jadera bugs appear in large numbers, there is no guarantee that you will remove them all with any of the methods described above. 

Therefore, be sure to check your property regularly during red-shoulder bug season and confront any bugs you see as soon as you see them.

By following consistent and regular removal methods, you will be able to control the population of jadera bugs on your property.

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How To Get Rid Of Golden Rain Tree Bugs
How To Get Rid Of Golden Rain Tree Bugs: A Complete Guide –

12- Do Not Crush

Though golden raintree bugs pose no danger to you or your family, they may be quite disconcerting to find in your yard or home. The fact that these bugs are usually found in quite large masses also adds to the common dislike of them.

Because of this, you may be tempted to step on or crush these insects when you find them. However, these bugs leave a red stain behind that is incredibly difficult to remove when you do this.

And so do your best to refrain from smashing or otherwise killing golden rain tree bugs by blunt force. Instead, use one or a combination of the other methods listed above.

Removing Stains

Sometimes golden raintree insects are still going to get crushed and leave a stain. However, there are methods for getting rid of the stains that these bugs can leave behind.

For solid surfaces like concrete walls and walkways, these stains can often be cleaned with a pressure cleaner or soapy water and a lot of scrubbing.

When golden rain tree bugs are crushed on cloth surfaces like clothing or curtains, these stains can be much more stubborn. You can try soapy water or a stain remover, but usually, the best suggestion is bleach and a washing machine.

Because of this, it is quite difficult to remove red-shoulder bug stains from cloth surfaces that are any color other than white. As with most stains, early treatment is the best way to deal with stains left behind by these insects. Try to treat the stain as soon as it occurs.


Golden raintree bugs or jadera bugs are not dangerous to humans in any way. And because they eat mostly seeds, these insects also pose little to no danger to your plants and trees. However, because these bugs congregate in large masses, they can be quite a nuisance to you and your family. 

There are a number of ways to get rid of golden rain tree insects, including removing the bugs’ food source, manually removing the bugs, or killing the bugs with either natural or man-made substances. 

The most important key to removing these insects is consistency and vigilance in your efforts. However you choose to get rid of your jadera bugs, they are insect infestations that can be handled relatively easily once you know how to do so. 



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