Best Fertilizers For African Violets and keep them healthy and blooming!

Best Fertilizers For African Violets

Flowers can positively affect your mental health, which is why I have always had my favorite African Violets in my garden.

They are beautiful flowers but growing and maintaining them can be a bit of work. There are different things to consider, including the quality of soil, the amount of watering, and the right fertilizer.

When I started growing African Violets, I wanted fertilizers that would be ideal for my favorite flowering plant. I researched a lot and found some of the best fertilizers that I could get for my African Violets.

If you are someone like me who loves to grow African Violets, then these fertilizers can do wonders for you. 

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How To Choose the Best Fertilizer For Your African Violets?

When picking out fertilizer for your African Violets, it is important to get one that is high in quality and has positive online reviews.

1- Understand That Different Plants Require Different Fertilizer

Certain fertilizers can be used universally for all types of plants. However, to optimize the growth of your flowering plant, it is important to use a fertilizer that is good for your respective plant. In this case, the African Violets. 

If you were able to grow a healthy rose plant with a certain fertilizer, that does not mean that the same fertilizer would also work for the African Violets.

2- Know the Proportion of the Fertilizer 

Just like over-watering the plants can damage them, over-fertilizing can also affect the plants in a negative way.

Knowing the proportion of fertilizer you should use on your African Violet is very important. For African Violets, the ideal NPK proportion is (14-12-14) Nitrogen 14, Phosphorous 12, and Potassium 14.

Anything higher or lower than that and your African Violet wouldn’t grow to its optimum size. 

3- Online Reviews

People these days prefer to shop for everything online, and fertilizers aren’t different. Online shopping is convenient, but they also have one very big advantage over traditional ways of shopping

In online shopping, you get to see the reviews and comments of people who have previously used the product. So you can’t go wrong with your choice. Always go for a product with a large number of reviews, with the majority being positive. 

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Fertilizers for African Violet: Top 4 Options

When you are searching for the best fertilizers for your African violets, check out some of the following options. 

1- Espoma Organic Fertilizer For African Violets


  • Brand: Espoma
  • Form: Liquid
  • Target Plant/Flower: African Violet


As clear from the name, Espoma Organic Violet is an organic fertilizer for your African Violets. Espoma has been in the industry for around 100 years, so you know that their product would be good. 

Not only can it improve the soil, but it also helps to provide the African Violets with all the essential nutrients they need. Using this product will not only help the flowers blossom well, but they will also make for a more vibrant bloom. 

Another great thing about the  Espoma organic for African violets is that it is safe for use around kids. So if you are a parent with a passion for gardening, you can buy Espoma’s fertilizer without the worry of air contamination or any other problem that could potentially harm you or your family

– The African Violets can easily absorb this fertilizer. 
– It is an organic and non-toxic product.
– It may not be as effective on other plants. 
Table Contains  Espoma Organic For African Violets Pros And Cons –

2- EarthPods Fertilizer For African Violets


  • Brand: Earthworm Technologies
  • Form: Capsules
  • Target Plant/Flower: African Violet


If you are like me and you love to grow African Violet, then the EarthPods Fertilizer For African Violets should definitely be in your gardening closet. It is a premium product that can be used for African Violets and other indoor plants.

Even though Espoma’s liquid fertilizer is a great product, using liquid fertilizers can sometimes get tricky, especially for people who have just started gardening. It can be difficult to measure the amount of liquid you need to pour on the soil.

These capsules by Earthworm Technologies are filled with all the necessary nutrients that your African Violets need for a healthy and vibrant blooming. You just need to take one capsule and bury it in the center of the pot, and over time, the capsule will open and release all the nutrients inside. 

– The capsule form is very easy to use
– Children and pet friendly
– It can also be used for other indoor flowering plants like Peace Lily and Jasmine.
– You may not know when the capsule has fully released all its nutrients.
Table Shows EarthPods Fertilizer For African Violets Features –

3- Schultz Fertilizer For African Violets


  • Brand: Schultz
  • Form: Liquid
  • Target Plant/Flower: African Violet


The Schultz fertilizer for African violets contains basic nutrients that African Violets need. It may not be as powerful or effective as the two previous entries, but seven drops every day can help keep your flowers healthy.

This product was specifically manufactured for African Violets. Using it will help produce beautiful and healthy flowers that will make your garden look more beautiful.

The Schultz fertilizer for African violets is a basic product with a slightly lower NPK than what is required by African Violets, but if you have previously over-fertilized your plant, then using such products can help bring a little balance. 

– You don’t need to measure the liquid; just use 7 drops.
– Specifically manufactured for providing basic nutrients to African Violets.
– It has a lower NPK than African Violets ideally required.
Table Contains Schultz Fertilizer For African Violets Features –

4- J R Peters Fertilizer For African Violets


  • Brand: JR Peters
  • Form: Powder
  • Target Plant/Flower: African Violet


The J R Peters fertilizer for African violets is the first entry on our list that is neither a capsule nor a liquid form. This high-quality fertilizer is available in powder form. It is a very potent fertilizer that is bound to get you some great results. It can work really well with different varieties of African Violets.

The J R Peters fertilizer for African violets has great online reviews, and people who have used it seem to be happy with their experience, including me. However, as the NPK proportions are 12-36-14, you have to be careful about using too much of it.

Overusing this fertilizer can end up killing your plants. However, if done right, it can result in beautiful blooming flowers. 

– High-quality product
– Very potent
– Water Soluble
– If used right, it can yield exceptional growth for 4 months.
– Using too much of this fertilizer may kill your plants, so be very careful about the frequency of use. 
Table Displays J R Peters Fertilizer For African Violets Pros And Cons –

Is Miracle Grow OK for African Violets?

Miracle-Gro® Indoor Potting Mix is formulated to provide indoor plants, such as African violets, with the proper growing environment. Plant African violets in small (4- to 5-inch) ceramic or plastic self-watering containers for optimal results.

So, How often should you fertilize African violet?  Generally, it is recommended to fertilize African violet every 4 to 6 weeks during their growing period. Before feeding, moisten the soil well. Apply a liquid or soluble powder formula that provides instant delivery.

To learn more about Miracle Grow, I encourage you to read this article: Pros and cons of Miracle grow.

Is Coffee Grounds Good For African Violets?

Coffee grounds are slightly acidic and include nitrogen, which can help plants grow healthy foliage. From time to time, sprinkling used coffee grounds on top of your African violet potting soil can help them bloom.

You can pour leftover coffee on indoor and outdoor plants as it contains nitrogen and will fertilize them. Avoid adding coffee with cream or sugar to plants because it can harm the plant and attract ants and other insects.

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Can You Over Fertilize African Violets?

African violets can be over-fertilized. Over-fertilizing African violets can cause serious problems and, in the most severe situations, can be deadly.

How do you know when your African violets need water? The best way to know when your African violets need water is to feel the top of the soil: if the top of the soil is dry to the touch, it is time to water. For best results, African violets should be allowed to dry out between each watering. Remember, overwatering can kill a plant because the delicate roots of an African violet need air, which cannot infiltrate a soggy wet soil mass.

How often should you water African violet? If growing African violets indoors, ensure you water them about once a week. But, like all plants, checking the potting mix before watering is best to ensure the plant is thirsty. A good rule is to water African violets when the potting mix is dry.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best fertilizers that I use for my African Violets. Just make sure that you don’t use too much of any of the fertilizers, as that can cause problems.

In addition to using these high-quality fertilizers, make sure you water your plants every day and invest time and effort in t

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Best fertilizers for African violets, flowers can positively affect your mental health, which is why I have always had my favorite African Violets in my garden.