Wheelbarrows For Concrete: 5 Best Options

During construction or any work that can create wreckage, thorough cleaning and moving of the wreckage is a must. It can sometimes be difficult if the wreckage includes heavy concrete pieces and other items. That is when you will need a wheelbarrow, for sure. 

Rather than picking up every piece, it will make your work easier. Not only concrete, but if you ever want to move something heavy, it will be there at your rescue. It is a great one-time investment to make and will benefit you for years. 

Sometimes it cannot be easy to decide as you can get countless options to choose from. Here is a complete guide for the best wheelbarrow for concrete. 

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How To Choose a Suitable Wheelbarrow For Heavy Duty Work?

When choosing a wheelbarrow, ensure that you pick a sturdy wheelbarrow made of metal and easy to maneuver when hauling heavy materials, particularly soil, concrete, or rocks.

1- The Wheelbarrow’s Tub Capacity

The wheelbarrow’s tub capacity is the most crucial factor when choosing a wheelbarrow for concrete. Most wheelbarrows have a capacity of 2.5 to 10 cubic feet of space. However, if you typically only carry garden supplies or compost, you will need only about 4 to 6 cubic feet. 

For hauling concrete, it is recommended to go for a wheelbarrow with a 7-cubic-foot capacity.

2- Tires

Tires can affect a wheelbarrow’s performance, especially after loading or crossing rough terrain. Wheelbarrows with inflatable tires offer a cushion, which can carry heavy materials smoothly. I suggest you choose a wheelbarrow with solid rubber tires as they are easy to maintain.

3- Choosing Between Steel And Plastic

Most wheelbarrows come with thick molded plastic (polyethylene) tubs or steel. Steel tubs are more robust than plastic and can handle moving heavy loads, including concrete, gardening tools, bricks, and soil.

However, steel wheelbarrows are relatively more expensive and heavier than plastic wheelbarrows.

Choosing between a plastic or steel wheelbarrow will depend on what you intend to do with it. 

  • A wheelbarrow with molded plastic tub may be sufficient if you only need to move lightweight loads, including gardening tools, compost, or soil.
  • If you plan to haul heavy materials, including concrete, rocks, or gravel, go for a steel wheelbarrow.

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4- Comfort And Ease To Operate

When considering comfort, here are a few things to consider:

  • The wheelbarrow’s weight: The lighter wheelbarrow, the better to haul heavy objects. 
  • Handles: Pick a wheelbarrow with cushioned grips that reduce blisters and hand fatigue.
  • I like wheelbarrows with elevated tires because they make navigating rough or uneven terrain more manageable. 

Below are the top-rated wheelbarrows based on extensive research I did.

Wheelbarrow For Concrete: Your 5 Best Options

When you go to get yourself a wheelbarrow, there are many options you can see. Therefore, choosing the right one may confuse you. Here are some of the best options to consider.

1- WORX Wheelbarrow For Concrete


  • Dimensions: 57” x 15.5” x 12”
  • Item Weight: 49 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds


WORX wheelbarrow for concrete is one of the wheelbarrows you were looking for. However, it will surely help you in moving concrete but will help in many other tasks.

From a wheelbarrow to a yard cart, dolly, cylinder holder, and plant mover. There is nothing that this wheelbarrow can do.

WORX wheelbarrow for concrete has a capacity of 300 pounds, but it would be better if you carried only around 200 pounds. This method won’t be any burden on the limit, and you can easily carry it. 

The wheelbarrow is designed so remarkably that it will make 200 pounds feel like 17 pounds. That is the Turbo lift technology used to design this product. 

In addition, the rugged tires will make you easily carry the cart through any area. One of the best things about this wheelbarrow is its item holder at the end. So when you get the stock for your pantry, you can use it and carry it inside without picking everything. 

– Perfect for concrete and other uses as well
– Lightweight
– Easy to assemble
– May need a rust protection film 
Table Displays WORX Wheelbarrow For Concrete Pros And Cons – plantsheaven.com.

2- Landworks Wheelbarrow For Concrete


  • Dimensions: 58” x 25” x 30”
  • Item Weight: 83 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 330 pounds


When other manufacturers are working to make a motor-powered wheelbarrow, Landworks has designed an all-electric powered wheelbarrow. Using a 24V ¼ PHP rechargeable battery-powered wheelbarrow provides extra speed to get your work done quicker

The inflatable tires offer a smooth ride and make you take the wheelbarrow over any surface. In addition, the 330 pounds weight capacity makes it a lot easier for you to take any load of concrete from one place to another. 

The electric-powered motor offers a max speed of around 5 km/h when in forwarding mode and 3.5 km/h during reverse. This is sufficient speed as it ensures your control over the cart. 

The battery can be used for up to 5 hours on a full charge. However, the time would depend on the slope and weight load on the cart. Therefore, you would never get the exact duration as it depends on many factors. 

The sandwich construction design of this cart offers fast charge times, no spills, and enhanced power output. The lead acid batteries make the Landworks wheelbarrow for concrete safer for you to use and ensure no sound and a quiet operation. 

– High weight limit
– The design of this cart makes it convenient to use it
– Safe to use
– Low use time of electric motor
Table Shows Landworks Wheelbarrows For Concrete Pros And Cons – plantsheaven.com.

3- True Wheelbarrow For Concrete


  • Dimensions: 3” x 1” x 2”
  • Item Weight: 6.98 pounds
  • Weight Limit: N/A


A single tire wheelbarrow with a 6 cubic foot steel tray for you to carry concrete with ease. The steel handles extending to the wheel ensure better stability and improved maneuverability. 

Don’t worry; the comfortable grips on the handles ensure a comfortable operation. Otherwise, some handles can make you tired. 

The True wheelbarrow for concrete may look small, but the deep-designed steel tray helps you move a high-weight load of concrete and other items. This wheelbarrow is a favorite one for many constructions worker.

The small design makes it easier for them to carry it through a narrow alley and other terrains. Make sure to divide the weight equally, as there is just a single tire to support all the weight. 

– Lightweight
– Small but high-weight capacity
– Easy to carry 
– Affordable 
– The single wheel sometimes makes it difficult to balance the cart
Table Shows True Wheelbarrow For Concrete Pros And Cons – plantsheaven.com.

4- Goplus Wheelbarrow For Concrete


  • Dimensions: 57” x 26” x 55”
  • Item Weight: 23.1 pounds
  • Weight Limit: 330 pounds


Offering you a super-large capacity and a great dumping design, this dual-wheel wheelbarrow makes your work a lot easier. The wide tray of the cart lets you take a good amount of weight load and carry it anywhere you like. 

This wheelbarrow’s lightweight design and finishing help you easily balance the cart and transport the concrete. The paddled loop handled addition in this wheelbarrow enhances maneuverability and balance. 

One of the best features that help you get a good grip over the ground is the 13-inch pneumatic tires. The design of the tires offers high friction that ensures good traction. Even on wet or slippery surfaces, you will not lose the balance of your cart. 

Yes, the Goplus wheelbarrow for concrete requires assembly, but with the help of detailed assembly instructions, you can easily carry it out. The heavy-duty construction of this wheelbarrow ensures that it would never deform or break in any way. 

– Wide, deep tray
– Perfect grip and balance
– Highly rated
– Perfect for patio and garden tasks as well
– The tray may be a bit weak if you store concrete with a force
Table Contains Goplus Wheelbarrows For Concrete Information – plantsheaven.com.

5- XtremepowerUS Wheelbarrow For Concrete


  • Dimensions: 61” x 44” x 30”
  • Item Weight: 467 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 660 pounds


You need this heavy-duty wheelbarrow if you commonly deal in concrete and other materials such as stones and steel items. Not just a wheelbarrow but a heavy-duty powerhouse you were looking for. 

Powered by a powerful motor producing 6.5 hp by Kohler, you can transport anything in any terrain. Instead of wheels, you will find a track that never gives you any chance of losing your balance. 

The zero-turn radius lets you pivot without leaving any effect on the ground. The gas-powered engine in this wheelbarrow is a 3-speed transmission, giving you better power and boost in different terrains. In addition, there is a reverse mode as well. 

With a solid, heavy-duty frame, you can easily transport any load without losing your balance. The XtremepowerUS wheelbarrow for concrete is one that you need for the long run. 

– Best gas-powered wheelbarrow for heavy-duty tasks
– Remarkable weight capacity
– Perfect for industrial uses
– The lengthy task of understanding the motor and how it works
– Expensive compared to others
Table Displays XtremepowerUS Wheelbarrow For Concrete Pros And Cons – plantsheaven.com.

How Do You Keep Concrete From Sticking To Wheelbarrow?

In some situations, concrete will naturally stick to your wheelbarrow. To prevent concrete from sticking to a wheelbarrow, you need to use a release agent to prevent the concrete from sticking by creating a thin lubricant film over the material. 

Watch the video below to discover how to keep concrete from sticking to your wheelbarrow.

How To Keep Concrete From Sticking To Your Wheelbarrow – plantsheaven.com

Final Words

Here is a complete guide on the best wheelbarrows for concrete. Make sure to learn more about these options, as it will help you make a better choice. Then, get one that will help you for many years. 

My top pick is the WORX Wheelbarrow For Concrete, as it is sturdy and the highest-rated wheelbarrow for concrete presently available on the market.


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During construction or any work that can create wreckage, thorough cleaning and moving of the wreckage is a must. It can sometimes be difficult if the wreckage includes heavy concrete pieces and other items. That is when you will need a wheelbarrow, for sure.