5 Best Two Wheel Wheelbarrows For a Better Gardening Experience.

A wheelbarrow is an essential tool that is useful for various purposes. You can use it for transporting different items when constructing something in your backyard. It also allows you to carry gardening waste such as pulled weeds to the bin easily.

If you’re considering getting a two-wheel wheelbarrow, you need to know how to pick the best two wheel wheelbarrow. The best thing is you don’t have to go far for this information. This post will help you get the best two-wheel wheelbarrow easily.

I recommend you choose Worx two-wheel wheelbarrow because it offers the best value for your money and provides leverage to carry massive loads.

Things To Look For In The Best Two-Wheel Wheelbarrow

Picking a two-wheel wheelbarrow can be challenging with all the various models and materials on the market. Here are some things that will help you choose the best two-wheel wheelbarrow:

1- Tire Type

Wheelbarrows come with tires of different materials depending on the model. This part determines the durability and functionality of the tool. If the material is excellent, you can easily move the wheelbarrow.

The top material options you must consider are rubber, resin plastic, polypropylene, and polyurethane. Rubber is the best component for a less bumpy ride, while resin plastic is the least preferable option

The other two materials are mainly suitable for commercial wheelbarrows with high durability.

2- Handles

This is an essential part of a wheelbarrow because it helps you move the tool easily. Some models come with a robust push bar for transporting items. Some wheelbarrows also come with two handles, one on each side of the item.

It can be hard to move the wheelbarrow with multiple handles due to the requirement of more force. Meanwhile, it may be tricky to unload the cart with a large push bar. So you must consider your ease of use before choosing the handle design.

3- Material

The material of a wheelbarrow’s tub is the most integral part of the tool because it determines various things. Your tool’s durability, load capacity, and price depend on the material. Plastic wheelbarrows are cheap, but they are unsuitable for carrying heavy loads.

Meanwhile, steel wheelbarrows are the best for carrying heavy items easily. However, this material will add to the weight of the tool, which may make it difficult to move. Steel can also rust easily upon exposure to specific elements.

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Best Two Wheel Wheelbarrows For a Better Gardening Experience
Best Two-Wheel Wheelbarrows For a Better Gardening Experience – plantsheaven.com

Are Two-Wheel Wheelbarrows Worth It?

Two-wheel wheelbarrows are worth it as they are better for heavy loads. In addition, two-wheel wheelbarrows carrying weighty or unbalanced loads become more manageable and safer because they provide you with greater front stability. 

However, you sacrifice your ability to maneuver quickly, and two-wheelers are notoriously tricky to move up hills.

Dual-wheel design wheelbarrows provide more stability when moving or carrying a heavy load than a single-wheeled wheelbarrow.

If you generally move large bags of mulch, bricks, or even wood, a dual-wheeled wheelbarrow will be better for you because they will not topple over like traditional wheelbarrows occasionally tend to do.

5 Best Two-Wheel Wheelbarrow

Here are the best two-wheel wheelbarrows you can purchase for your personal or professional needs:

1- Worx Two-Wheel Wheelbarrow


  • Material: Metal
  • Handles: Two
  • Capacity: 4.5 cubic feet
  • Weight Capacity: 200 pounds


Worx two-wheel wheelbarrow is a robust model that will help you perform gardening and other tasks easily. It can hold up to 4.5 cubic feet of material without any issues. Meanwhile, the maximum load-carrying capacity is 200 pounds. So you can easily use the tool for commercial needs.

The Turbo Lift design is a unique feature of this two-wheel wheelbarrow. It offers a lightweight feel to the cart. So you don’t have to worry about the wheelbarrow being 49 pounds. Worx two-wheel wheelbarrow is also made of metal to help you carry heavy items without damaging the cart.

– The tires do not puncture or require inflation
– You can change the wheelbarrow to a dolly, firewood carrier, and five other configurations
– It is easy to use
– It has a warranty of three years
– It is relatively Expensive
Table Shows Worx Two-Wheel Wheelbarrow Pros And Cons – plantsheaven.com

2- Best Choice Dual-Wheel Wheelbarrow


  • Material: Steel, Polyurethane, and Rubber
  • Handles: Single bar
  • Capacity: 5 cubic feet
  • Weight: 330 pounds


The Best Choice wheelbarrow is an excellent two-wheel item with robust construction. It has a steel tub to help you carry loads of up to 330 pounds easily. The single push bar also makes the tool easy to move because of its well-balanced weight.

You can also use this dual-wheel wheelbarrow for many years due to durable tires made of a combination of polyurethane and rubber. So you can use the tool for personal gardening needs and commercial purposes. The tub is also spacious to help you carry various items easily.

– It has a sturdy construction
– The tool can move on various terrains
– It is easy to assemble
– Lightweight design
– The axle design requires improvement
Table Shows Best Choice Dual-Wheel Wheelbarrow Characteristics – plantsheaven.com

3- Gorilla Carts Two-Wheel Wheelbarrow


  • Material: Plastic and Metal
  • Handles: Single bar
  • Capacity: 4 cubic feet
  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds


The GCR-4 is a durable model by Gorilla Carts with a high weight capacity. It has a rectangular tray design for fitting different items. The two-wheel wheelbarrow‘s center of gravity is also low to help you enjoy high stability on different terrains. You can use this wheelbarrow to carry various tools easily.

Another great feature of the Gorilla Carts two-wheel wheelbarrow is its impact-resistant design. You can use the tool in various conditions without damage. This is why it should be your top option if you want to save money in the long term. The handle of this tool is also foldable to help you save space.

– Compact design
– Durable tires
– High stability
– It is easy to assemble
– Plastic runs through the axle instead of metal
The Table Displays Gorilla Carts Two-Wheel Wheelbarrow’s Characteristics – plantsheaven.com

4- Garden Star Two-Wheel Wheelbarrow


  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Handles: Single bar
  • Capacity: 5 cubic feet
  • Weight: 300 pounds


The Garden Star wheelbarrow is the top option if you move on bumpy terrains frequently. It has a robust design with large tires to offer you more stability on different grounds. So you can maneuver your cart easily without the items toppling.

The wheels of the Garden Star two-wheel wheelbarrow are also air-filled with shock-absorbance technology to reduce impact in different situations. This is why you can enjoy high safety while using this wheelbarrow. Another great thing is that the tool does not come with a high price tag.

So you can easily purchase it without breaking your bank. You can also enjoy one year warranty for more confidence.

– It can carry heavy loads easily
– The tool is lightweight and does not strain your muscles
– You can navigate the wheelbarrow easily with the robust bar
– The handlebar is weather-resistant
– Its tires are inflatable and can puncture
The Table Contains Garden Star Two-Wheel Wheelbarrow Pros And Cons – plantsheaven.com

5- Landworks Electric Two-Wheelbarrow


  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Handles: Two
  • Capacity: 4 cubic feet
  • Weight: 330 pounds


If you don’t like handling manual wheelbarrows, there is no need to fret. This electric wheelbarrow will satisfy all your needs. The device is mainly suitable for commercial purposes because of its high durability. Its construction is robust, allowing you to use the cart on various terrains.

The best thing is you don’t have to worry about straining your muscles due to pushing and pulling the wheelbarrow. This two-wheelbarrow’s electric design eliminates the need to apply high force when moving the cart. It can also travel on slopes easily due to its excellent design.

However, the best part of this electric two-wheelbarrow is its spill-proof design. You don’t have to worry about items toppling over while moving the wheelbarrow.

– It has a high lifespan
– You don’t have to use high force to move the tool
– The tires are suitable for various terrains
– Spill-proof design for high safety
– It is relatively expensive
The Table Displays Landworks Electric Two-Wheelbarrow‘s Characteristics – plantsheaven.com

Metal vs. Plastic Wheelbarrow: Which One Is Better?

Steel wheelbarrows are generally better for moving industrial equipment, including building supplies and heavy-duty materials. Still, plastic wheelbarrows are long-lasting and easy to maintain because they will not rust from being exposed to the elements.

Generally, a good two-wheelbarrow or garden cart should last five to 10 years.

Plastic WheelbarrowsMetal Wheelbarrows
– They can potentially last longer
– Thye are easier to maintain and easier to maneuver.
– Plastic Wheelbarrows are lightweight materials
– Plastic wheelbarrows can typically become brittle with use.
– Metal Wheelbarrow generally will not fold or buckle under heavy weight.
– They are more stable and sturdier materials.
– They are easier to pull heavier materials
– They generally will not become breakable from harsh weather
Table Contains a Comparison Of Plastic Wheelbarrows And Metal Wheelbarrows – plantsheaven.com

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Final Thoughts

This is your complete guide about the best two-wheel wheelbarrow for transporting things. I suggest you choose Worx two-wheel wheelbarrow for commercial and personal gardening needs. The best thing is that it is reasonably priced.

So you don’t have to burn a hole through your pocket to get an effective tool. You must consider your needs and various buying factors before choosing the correct model.


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A wheelbarrow is an essential tool that is useful for various purposes. You can use it for transporting different items when constructing something in your backyard. It also allows you to carry gardening waste such as pulled weeds to the bin easily.